#5 Devon Smith

$500k pa
Played 1 game
In the bottom team

Notable mention, huh?


probably a dumb call but i think he’ll win a brownlow someday

Only if the umps are into abuse.

But some of them definitely are kinky bastardos.

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A fine if anything IMO. Still can’t believe he’s ours. Easily recruit of the year. Should be All-Australian.

I was waiting to do this on Grand final day after he kicks the winner… but ill go now… hopefully wont jinx it. lets hope that trip he did is OK.

There was this thread…

In which i stated this:

I knew this guy was a gun at GWS… I really did not want anyone else…,… and have rated him highly… i had a gut feeling that he was under represented despite his talent up there once they got going with there star studded list.
Reason was… when they where losing in the first few seasons… he was always the one who didnt give up and was continually harassing, tackling and finishing well and in there best. and i always took him as being a good sport too… I dont like Toby Greens attitude… i dont want to support a side with his BS…, he seems like a complete ■■■■. But devon just seems like a hard at it good sport… unless you give it to him first.
So wrapped we got him and unleashed him really.


■■■■ that type penos got on my back about was pretty horrid.


one of the best footballers taking the field right now, you’re seeing a maybe once in a generation talent ladies and gentlemen, get on board for the Smith express, we’re talking brownlows, premiership, norm smiths, all of your wives

he deserves em too


just warming up


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At his insane pressure best tonight. Getting stuck into anyone who tried to intimidate one of our boys.

He is a very good kick on his non preferred foot as well.


you are a genius and the greatest person the world has ever known


Love this bloke best number 5 since Hird


He’s good and he knows it :grinning:


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Got to be close to All Australian doesn’t he?


Going to list just about everyone traded last year as a notable mention?

If the AFL had a Defensive TotY, this guy would be first picked. Unfortunately the only way he’ll get picked as an AA is if he was playing primarily as a forward or for Richmond.

If we end up getting a Gaff, Beams or Shiel-type player in the transfer period, I hope they play Dev forward next year as that High HFF, where his pressure and goal sense will be most dangerous.

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@SpicedRum is a conundrum wrapped in a riddle.

So many good posts, mixed in with inexplicably bad posts.
Just can’t get a read on him/her !

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Personally the way the game is played at the moment he should be the first small forward chosen as it’s revolutionary changed into a pressure role. Leads tackles, leads pressure, avg 20+ disposals and should have 20 goals by the end of the year.


$1000 fine for the trip apparently


Is there a gif of that goal celebration?

If he didn’t play for us I’d hate him so bad.