#5 Devon Smith


so we convert 11plus 3rd round next year to smith and stringer

would be great result


Any confirmation on the 2018 3rd rounder going back to GWS?


Great news. Fantastic news.

I really hope we get Stringer now only because it means the Dogs have dudded themselves.


Wonder if all the Smith talk forced Essendons hand? Probably not given GWS were happy to work a deal

Cats in play unless they’re serious about taking 20 to the trade table.

That being said, if Stringer wants Essendon both teams will try and work out a deal unless of course Stringer changes his mind. In all likelihood deal won’t get done until next week.


Oh and


Gee in isolation that is a great deal:

Pick 11 out
Smith and 24 in.



GWS are the last team I’d want to ■■■■ off trading wise over the next 10 years. Glad this got done smoothly.




Its looking like a swap of future 2nd for future 3rd, in our favour.


This make good business!


Great deal to get done. Mail last night was right which is always nice :+1:


Whats the story with Saad…any latest?


Essendon Football Club: Not hard to deal with


few tweets saying Bombers likely to use the future 2nd we picked up on Saad




From the OP

But we never get anyone!


Pants off Thursday.


11 and 2018 3rd round pick for picks 24 and 2018 2nd round pick. Values him at around pick 41ish. Well done boys, hope we haven’t lost stringer.


Wish all clubs were as easy to deal with as GWS.


Excellent result - two 2018 2nd rounders and two 2017 2nd rounders to play with.