#5 Devon Smith


Dodoro does he best work in the second round


Very happy with this outcome. I really rate Devon and liken him to Mercuri when in full flight. I hope he can get over his injury worries and dazzle in the Sash.




I doubt he will get to use any second rounders in the draft for the next couple of years.


Looks a great trade on paper

And welcome to the Dons Devon!!!


Looks a good trade to me. I’m fascinated to see what impact this has in getting Stringer. Do we ship 2 of those 2nd round picks off somewhere to get a hold of a 1st round pick, which we then on-trade to the Dogs for JS? It would seem the most logical step for mine, plus we have the extra 2nd rounders to facilitate the Saad deal. I’m happy with Smith, definitely improves our team.



R u ok?


If we get Saad over the line tonight too, I’ll be really happy.

Getting Stringer would be great, but ultimately I’d rather get two good deals done, prove that we’re not hard to deal with, and ■■■■ the Bulldogs over. If we can get both deals done early we’ve got a week an half to enjoy watching the Dogs ■■■■ themselves over with their own stupidity and stubbornness.


Great news, for me he was priority # 1 for our midfield
But I still want Stringer, in fact I want all 3 and now we might see dominoes falling fast. It would be good to close them all this week, now the ball is rolling.

Hopefully the Bulldogs will turn into Cavalier King Charles spaniels and roll over.


Even if it means we don’t get stringer , glad this deal was done.
Gets things moving , shows the right step imo as it shows we want Smith, and hopefully saad just as much and valued getting them.

Shows the right attitude imo.


4 second round picks ey. Thats heaps of Dodoro specials he will be reluctant to give up!


Stringer deal will still get done.

Essendon have been smart. I reckon that they know the WB want Schache and Essendon would have discussed that with Brisbane who are likely to accept pick 17.



All my time listening to TR and their ridiculous ads and I have to go to a meeting right when a friggin deal gets done!


I agree.

I like that they have Smith out of the way first and that puts the pressure straight back on GC and Dogs to get a deal done.

Concentrating on Stringer first was always going to be problematic because Dogs were stuck on pick 11 and wouldn’t budge.


Welcome Fritz Crafter!


Yep, I agree.

I think it does put the pressure on GC and Dogs to get the deal done. I think pick 24 is good enough for Saad, if that eventuates.

Dogs were always going to be entrenched into pick 11 but the narrative it builds by offering up a pick 11 + pick 47 trade and then having WB reject it - it just shows that WB are being idiots so I think that in itself puts pressure on the Dogs.


Yep, Dogs are being idiots about it.

I’m more confident it will happen now than before.


Same mate. I’m all for this strategy. Fark letting the Dogs tell us what they will do - we’ll tell them.




At what stage does the fifth jacket come out, when we get Saad?