#5 Devon Smith


11 is worth 1329 magical fairy dust points.

24 + 35 (we beat them in the Grand Final next year) = 1307

So essentially we just paid a (future) third round pick for Smith. Keeping Kelly must have blown their budget nicely.


My camera will seize up!


Same haha!


We’ve done very well here. I think that if we didn’t have all these other deals to do we wouldn’t have done as well. Probably would have given up pick 28 for him if he was our only target.

We can give up one of our 4 2nd round picks GC want for Saad.

And now Bulldogs can really sweat it over Stringer. Maybe start making offers with next years first and second to random clubs to see if anyone bites? Luke Parker for 2018 first and 2017 second?


I wasn’t sure what to think because I know ■■■■ all about the point system but considering DKP thinks it’s good then it must be a fantastic trade.

One down, 2 to go.


The fact that IT wasn’t listening when it finally got done is genuinely hilarious


Great news to wake up to. Welcome aboard Devon


Yeah the guys at work were laughing at me.


More like Skipworth than Mercuri.




What a life


About what he’s worth… a third round pick. Not what our best team needs though!!


I know you were probably being facetious , however I said it said the eight message :p.

Only hindsight will tell If it was “fantastic” :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to Essendon Devon. Great news.

I’ve just popped you on a wing in my Best 22 for 2018… I hope you don’t mind.

Question : Does trading our 2018 3rd rounder now mean we cannot trade our 2018 first rounder… because that would be fantastic news.


I’m seeing very biased training reports on Smith. Every fumble and miss kick to be reported!


Welcome Smitty


@ivan the club probably puts upa highlight vid of smith and not conor too.


All these players nominating the Dons was just an elaborate cover of Disco’s real intentions - ending up with four second round picks.


This club is farked, etc

As a stand alone it is a very strong deal for Smith and Saad considering the strength of this draft.

Makes stringer difficult I suspect though.