#5 Devon Smith


Devon, Welcome to Hangar


Great news! Stringer and Saad will still happen. Don’t stress.

Smith adds pace & goals to our team and pushes the quality up. This is great for our club and a high performer for one of the best teams in the AFL, he is a great pick up for us.

Bring on 2018!




On a more serious note, that was clearly the best we were very offered for pick 11 so out it goes.

For those doubting we get Stringer now, I am not so sure. I’d be very surprised if Disco would pull the trigger on this trade - particularly this early in the trade period - without having a clear path to getting all three done. I imagine Stringer will involve pick swaps to end up at the end of the first round - Richmond or Brisbane would be the most likely candidates for this - I suspect we are deep into these discussions also.

We also have plenty of currency to get Saad who should never be more than a second rounder.


zzzzzzz back


we get it old timer


I was being facetious. And I couldn’t tag you because you spelt your username wrong! Just noticed it now


Motion to ban karmabomber from the Devon Smith thread.




I respect your contributions to this site, but give it a spell - he is an Essendon player now.


Makes sense. If he thought this would kill off the Stringer trade he would have kept working on it.




Where’s the Members First email?


Why? He’s snoozing through it anyway.




Seriously man who cares


Happy that we’ve got him. Inevitable now that we’ll have to trade away a player if we want strigner. 24 or 28 will not get it done


Lol. Come on. I was being incredibly facetious… I didn’t know there were literals out there.




He’s going to be a seriously good midfielder. Pretty hard to get a gig in front of coniglio, Kelly, Shiel, ward, hopper, Taranto etc as a pure mid. Out of the three, I’m most excited about smith