#5 Devon Smith

Hopefully someone posts that Essendon Pressure act stat…fckn jet

Don’t leak the ■■■■ pics

Devo was devo… again

Was over the moon when we got him I was convinced he was going to Geelong.

Is this guy in the leadership group?
should be vice captain

I liked him at GWS but didn’t realise he was this much of a maniac. He’s like a good old fashioned Sheedy pick before he went senile.


Replaces Myers come seasons end

Just give the guy the bnf now


There was a passage of play where he layed a couple tackles and sprinted to try smother a ball on our defensive 50 line, epitomises the desperation on this kid… he seriously is becoming my favourite player… what a steal… b&f for sure…


Expected the classy ball use, but not the tackling and pressure acts. He is a monster. Another 10 tackles last night. The #5 fits him very nicely indeed!

What did we do to deserve this bloke. Absolute bargain pick up, on top of the B & F by a mile, love him.

Had forgotten we swapped 2nd rounders with GWS but with their current form they may well join us in the bottom 8 anyway. Regardless, a bargain trade and shows the value of coming out of the saga rut and becoming a destination club again.

So important regardless of where we finish to keep putting in spirited performances and blooding exciting kids as it signals to potential players we’re going in the right direction. Yesterday is the standard.

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Nobody will enjoy the bye round more than Smith.

He has played the role of two men!

He’s passionate always in a positive way.
Always one of the first to congratulate a teammate.
A bloke you’d love having on your team.

He’ll probably ask to play VFL on his week off so he can enjoy some leisure time tackling.


Makes you wonder why he wasn’t playing finals for GWS.

He’s the very definition of a team player.

oh man remember the time we used to recruit footballers

From Oct last year.



I also find that extremely ironic because gws is stacked with arrogant selfish flogs who are only interested in playing for themselves

Absolutely love him, I’ve always been jealous of teams two way running mids and we finally have one. Defensive beast and I think there is a heap of upside to him offensively. Should only get better.


Yep, heaps of upside offensively.

Could have had a couple of goals yesterday. It may indeed be the early onset of Essingtons disease, but I think in this case we’ll put it down to him being completely buggered from defensive efforts.