#5 Elijah Tsatas

What Dangerfield was worth to Geelong

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Seriously? Talk about click bait. The kids still got pimples, hes 19, yeah sure, gettable, can see that on the table (not directed at you!)


" May"…:joy:


If it wasn’t Cal I’d totally call bullshit on that.

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I wouldn’t have a clue what he would be worth but if I was going to let go of a young mid it would be Hobbs before Tsatas


Hard to know but it’s out there he’s doing a lot of work.
Surely we see some green shoots of improvement in his technique soon.

Great analysis of it and your spot on as a result the foot makes contact with the ball very high and any power is lost to lift rather then distance

Cal (on Gettable specifically) has been engaging more and more in clickbait rumours recently. Pretty disappointing

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The fact that Cal is talking about this must mean there is some truth to it. He is as trustworthy a source you will find out there. Something is up…


He said clubs may come for him. Nothing about any interest in leaving for Tsatas. Of course clubs will ask the question.


I’m actually impressed by just how bad it is. It’s a credit to him that he managed to play TAC let alone go at 5 with a ball drop like that


Imagine how good he could be if he could kick


Please PLEASE give us a mulligan on this pick.


I think the ones where he looks like McKenna are where he has a low hunched stance, uses two hands and doesn’t go high at all. These are the relatively slow moving kicks - off a free or mark, or in play but not running with any pace. If he’s running it goes up high. Nathan Buckley did that but guided the ball down very well. You can see he’s trying to work on it but that clip looks laboured/non-fluent.

A really low action in the drop can be ok for short kicks but doesn’t give much time for the leg swing on a longer kick.

Good on him for working on it but this is going to take time.

Buddy also had a high ball drop I reckon


We’re not getting pick 5 for a former pick 5 that has barely played a game.


I mean if time has taught us anything, it’s that AFL recruiters mostly know ■■■■ all about the long term prospects of a player at AFL level.

I’d be more confident in our selections if Zach Merrett picked.


I think that is best for everyone if they do. By everyone, that means me.


Agree. He also appears to be overthinking things through, he is hesitant on short kicks and they don’t look natural, yet. His long kicks already look a lot better.

For all the crap in here Tsatas had 30 odd touches, 18 contested, and 12 score involvements in the VFL.

Frankly I don’t care how his disposal looks to the armchair coach if it’s ending up in scores.

12 SIs from 30 touches would be a great return if they were mostly uncontested.

Get behind the young man, he’s going to be a ripper.