5 Years From Now

I keep reading on here people saying our younger players coming through don't look the goods, and a few of you think our premiership window is still 3 years away...

I personally believe our window is now and we need to push at it, players like Chapman and Dal Santo would help us out in the short term and while stopping some younger players getting game time, I'm sure if they're worthy of  a spot in the best 22 they will get their chance.

I put together a list of what I believe our best 22 will look like in 5 years. Obviously I don't know who will retire when and who might play longer than others but to me I don't think our best 22 will be looking too bad, especially if some high picks can come in and make an impact.

FB: Browne, Carlisle, Pears
HB: Hibberd, Hooker, Dalgleish
C: Myers, Heppell, Gleeson
HF: Zaharkais, Hurley, Colyer
FF:  Merrett, Daniher, Kommer
RR: Bellchambers, Melksham, Hams
B: KAV!, O‘Brien, Ashby, Fletcher



So if that team is our best 22 in 5 years how do you think we'll go, and what do you think could change from that list?

Throw the sink at that team

Expecting Fletcher's form to trail off, are you? 

I'm hoping that Fletcher on the bench is Dustin, not one of his sons.

I’m not sure there is much point in this exercise. 15 of the guys that played at least 5 games for us this year weren’t even on our list this time 5 years ago. Shows how quickly things can change.

We’ve got a good core though.

Aren’t T-Bell and Ryder the same age?

Aren't T-Bell and Ryder the same age?

Ryder's a year older, but his high leaping, athletic style probably won't hold up over the years as well as Bellcher's.

needs more chapman

The only person who loved 5 year plans as much as Terry Wallace was Stalin.

Why the hell is Browne in a back pocket?

All I know is my liver will be shagged from all the medicating to get through this year.

The only person who loved 5 year plans as much as Terry Wallace was Stalin.

And Hitler

World will have atavized to a barbaric state, these guys will be mercenaries for hire owing to their superior physical condition and hand eye coordination. Most of us will have been eaten already. Pointless thread.

That team is just depressing.
So many much loved names not there.

Jobe will still be playing imo and be best 22

Is this 2018’s best 22? I started a thread discussing the worthiness of Brad Sewell which was bad enough, but this is a whole new level!

I thought they locked the Sewell thread because Hawthorn said that they’re not trading him. Nothing to discuss about after that statement you’d think

B: XX, Carlisle, XX

HB: Hibberd, Hooker, Dempsey

C: Zaharakis, Melksham, Merrett

R: Ryder, Heppell, Myers

HF: XX, Hurley, XX

F: Bellchambers, Daniher, XX


No idea if they will make it, couple of these guys could potentially be where the XX are:

Hams, Kav, Gleeson, Ashby, NOB

The team will be missing the first and second round draft picks from this year and one from next.  Five years down the track is when ASADA $hit will start to hurt.

Stants and Demps would surely be in the team still or will 30+ players be banned in 5 years?