5 Years From Now

play Watson as a perm forward ye scurvy dog.

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5 years from now we will have 5 more premierships

Not a bad attempt 5 years ago

FB: Browne, Carlisle, Pears

HB: Hibberd, Hooker, Dalgleish

C: Myers, Heppell, Gleeson

HF: Zaharkais, Hurley, Colyer

FF: Merrett, Daniher, Kommer

RR: Bellchambers, Melksham, Hams

B: KAV!, O‘Brien, Ashby, Fletcher

10 still on the list, though not sure if Merrett will get another contract, unless you forsaw that we would get Zach Merrett :slight_smile:

Predicted retirements for Jobe/Stanton…not Fletcher:)
And no Ryder :slight_smile:


I’d say our team is better than this one predicted 5 years ago. Though that team didn’t account for any draft picks/trades.

Nice bump.

Harsh having to assume we’ll draft/trade in no one.

Haven’t counted, but I assume we (will) have less than 22 players on the October 2017 list from the one four years ago!

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I can’t believe I didn’t play in here 5 years ago.

I’ll have a go now.

?? Hurley Ridley
Gleeson hartley Conor

McGrath Langford ??(Josh Kelly)
Draper parish Zerret

Begley Stewart tippa
?? JD Fanta

Hepp Mutch ?? ??

A few notable omissions there that are likely to raise eyebrows.

5 years from now…

…we’ll still be “2 years away from contending”

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5 years from now…

There will ba lot of threads demanding we sack Skipworth our head coach.


5 Years from now…

I will be married to Vera Farmiga

Amazed that a thread started in 2013 is still extant. Usually social media is ephemeral, ( except when the commonwealth police want to charge someone)

Just be aware guys, what you said maybe even 4 years ago, can be regurgitated and used against you !