#6 Joe Daniher - almost had a full pre-season


Whoosha, under promise, over deliver. Joey to kick 7 round 1


I think everyone should temper their concerns whilst he is still running,and increasing loads,however incremental.

Its when he tapers down,or stops completely where red flags should be raised.

Edit- Are his loads increasing,in the last few weeks?


So should we temper our concerns or not?


I agree with this. After the hard time the media gave Worsfold (or vice versa) this season i think he’s just being careful with what he promises.


We’re still dropping him to the VFL right? Smiles too much in the modified group.


It’s not an injury you can definitely say he’s right to go by a specific date. Woosha is being conservative as it’s hard to determine.
The discussion and input I’d like to get is what are the implications and hindrances from his current training compared to a full preseason in the main group?
Hypothetically let’s say he plays every game in both scenarios, will he have less in the tank, less efforts, less cohesion with the team? Would he have got as a big as he is without injury? New in the back interpretation will probably suit the really tall forwards so I see him benefiting from that additional to extra strength and probably means staying close to goal is a likely expectation.


Take as long as it takes, even if he misses 2019 BUT, put him in for surgery ‘cause he’s not responding to the current program and they should burn the medical / high performance departments down and get people in who know what they’re doing (I understand they’ve done their homework and consulted specialists in the area, still … the industry DEMANDS - Game of Thrones style - rolling heads)


training reports suggest load increase, speed of running increase and some kicking


I am concerned about my temper around this issue.


What do you sources say?
Are they also concerned?


I have had a constant stream of BLITZ questions, asking me to check my sources in relation to JOEDAN’s groins.

I have recently contacted my sources, including some who have provided me with good sauce in the past.

I can categorically state that after this deep seated research, I can reveal nothing.

You heard it here first.

Make of this what you will.


So,as long as it gradually heads upwards,its steady as she goes.
Hey,if he doesn’t play till ■■■■■■ Anzac day but he is 100% clwar of O.P,so be it!


A lot of panic going on

He’s increasing his running and kicking again now.

It’s not even Xmas so season ages away.


I remember seeing some footage of JD passing off to the Corgie who stuffed it in the goalsquare. JD’s movement looked very sore - almost limping. From what I remember, the club didn’t seem to appreciate what the problem was until he stopped playing.

If it’s come to light now that he had the beginnings of OP during 2017 and he had been training and playing through it for months until it all got too much in May this year, that is amazing. Explains why he has been out for so long, but it also has a real silver lining, as he might really hit a new level once playing and he is completely free of it.


He was put in cotton wool through the 2017-2018 preseason, probably due to this issue. They thought it was under control, tried for a few weeks then realised it was far worse than expected. I think this must have been going for much longer than the 2018 season.


So in effect you are saying that you have out sourced. Cool.


Sauce Tomato or BBQ?? I thought the word was “Source”





That just might catch on…


I’m sure any other blitzers who work in the medical industry can agree that all patients are compulsive liars when it comes to taking medical histories.
Joe definitely strikes me as a bloke who wouldn’t have let the medical staff know how his groin was going until it was a real issue. The bloke loves playing footy.