#6 Joe Daniher - almost had a full pre-season


Most likely there is no specific ‘blame’ and ■■■■ happens, everyone does what they can to prevent/fix it, and you roll on.


Not just Blitzers. Patients are all liars, was the basic premise that lay under the entire House, TV series.


And of course when patients don’t actually lie, you get major medical diagnostic errors.
So hopefully Joe is now truth telling, and so are the Bombers medical staff.
Just not to us, understandably.


Probably well on track for an announcement in February by EFC that Daniher will go in for surgery.


He definitely has been increasing loads.
Take his training Nov 21 for example - only short kicks and leaves track 10.54am.
Compared to this week - he was running hard and faster after 11am and kicking longer.


This is not directed at you Dackham just a general comment.

Why does any one have to be to blame?

A player has soreness, maybe tells the truth, maybe fudges a bit because he feels it is just a niggle, not strange for that to happen, nor generally a bad thing all the time.

It is being managed as they identify fully what it is and whether it is something that just takes time but won’t get worse. Not unusual and happens at most clubs and with a lot of players. There were concerns about OP but as OP can be varied and can often be managed and still playing that is the path chosen. Then suddenly a jolt on a landing blows it out and it causes the injury to escalate to a higher level. Player is then managed throughout the year to determine best course of action. Not all OP requires surgery and that is always looked at and isn’t something they just do because, surgery is invasive and can have other impacts and leave some scaring that also causes issues later.

As the year goes on the decision is made that it won’t be rushed even though the possibility was there to bring the player back, better to take a cautious approach and ensure best possible healing and avoid flare ups and other issues. Aim is for round 1 the next season but no promises as OP just doesn’t fall under a simple “injury then gets better” type setup. A number of players spend their whole career managing it at different levels of impact.

Not a lot of drama or blame there, just the nature of the type of “injury” that is involved.

But the drama queens seem to always want to look for blame and want everyone sacked, hung, drawn and then quartered.

Shyte happens.


Repetitive kicking motion is one of the main culprits with OP (according to the internet, i’m not a medical professional).

You can’t help but think all the work he did last year straightening out his set shots might have contributed. If so that a ■■■■■■ way to be rewarded for hard work.


Oh I miss JoeDan. Hope he is OK.

Happy for the club to push back the start of the year to ensure he is cherry ripe.


If I got Joe in Essendon Kris Kringle I’d be buying him one of these to strengthen that groin.


(the Thighmaster, not Suzanne Somers)


I don’t want anyone hung, drawn or quartered

Fk you look into things way too much. Chill out dude. Go have a fkn drink or something


Wasn’t specifically saying it was you, so maybe you should take a moment to have a drink or something, maybe lie down until you get over yourself.


I shall be having a drink in a hour for our work wind up

Then il lie down after that


To IT’s defence, I read it like you were after someone to point the finger at. I’ll have a drink and a lie down too!


people are just looking for an excuse to drink and lie down


Do you need one to do that?


With or without a Bex?


no, but it helps to do things with purpose


Bovril first, then Bex.


Bovril would not be my first choice of beverage around this time of year, but whatev’s…


There would be a wonderful irony for Blitzers if this was the case.