#6 Joe Daniher - almost had a full pre-season


Well, that turned out to be a fkn biiiig drink and a long lie down

Now to jump on a plane to Melbourne. Merry Christmas blitz!


The best Christmas present any bomber supporter could get would be Joey making a full recovery in 2019




Dylan Shiel is our most important recruit? Yeh Nah, Its Joey Daniher: At least according to ESPN.

AFL 2019: Every club’s best internal recruit

1:15 PM

  • Niall Seewang, Jake Michaels and Matt Walsh


Joe Daniher. They nabbed Dylan Shiel in the most recent trade period, and brought in some genuine stars in Smith, Saad and Stringer the year before, but the cherry on top of the “Essendon winning a final” cake might just be a player who has been at the club for seven years: Joe Daniher.

The prodigious 200-centimetre key forward will be 25 years of age and beginning to hit the prime years of his career once the 2019 season begins. Despite missing most of last season with a persistent bout of osteitis pubis, the club is confident Daniher will be able to play in Round 1 and make an immediate impression.

For those who have forgotten just what an explosive and impactful player Daniher can be, in 2017 he kicked 65 goals and averaged 15 touches, nearly seven marks and four hit-outs per game.


Fair enough.


I am just hoping he has fully "girded his groins " ready to play on March 24


Things that make you go hmmm.


Shiel will have a massive impact, but I can’t see him time travelling, joining us for the 2018 season and qualifying for us as an “internal” recruit for this article.


Any further developments up that way?


I would prefer a brendon Goddard nickname myself, but whatever floats your boat


Nope. [quote=“dingus, post:8322, topic:446, full:true”]

Any further developments up that way?



I don’t want to hear about your groin sauces.




Panic $$$$ spent


Is this c**t alive


Goo. Feast. Brains.




Joe is a born big game player. Already demonstrated it on Anzac Day, cannot wait to see him tear apart a final(s).


Blitz: Hey Joe, how big was that goal?
JD: It was this big!