#6 Joe Daniher - almost had a full pre-season


JoeDan. Please bring us a flag.


Can you back that up with some stats?

I recall seeing the 2017 stats for times used and we shared it around a lot compared to most other sides.

North for example went to Brown a hell of a lot more than we went to Joe yet they ended with similar amounts of goals.

I cant see why it would have changed for 2018.


Still wears his Samsung training guernsey at the local gym, it’s a bit sad TBH


I’m sure we did go to him a bit. I just don’t think there’s really anything in that nugget.

Cast your mind back to the start of last year.

Hooker had moved back. Stewart hit a wall, and eventually got dropped. We hadn’t quite figured out Stringer’s role. Raz was in and out with injury.
Daniher was still there, and of course he is actually our ■■■■■■ spearhead after all.
So I’m sure we did go to him more than anyone else. That’s not the issue as much as what happened when we did go to him.


Which nugget are you talking about?


Nugget of info, Factoid.
That we went to Joe a lot.


I don’t believe we went to him any more than 2017 but I would be curious to see the stats for it.

As you say, we had Stewart leading our goal kicking at the time Joe went out injured and Hooker was still down there.

The only huge difference was Fantasia missing for 5 of the 7 games that Joe was there but we had Stringer.

A lot like to heap all our losses on Joe at the beginning of last year but the reality is we were sh/t across the board and looked like we didn’t want to be out there.


Its very strange watching those games. no pressure or defensive efforts and hardly any numbers around the ball. Very strange tactics by senior coach Mark Neeld


Personally I just thought the players were showing no heart. We do have a history of it.

Most likely a combination of coaching and players though.


i would disagree with that. round 1 showed there was a ton of momentum going into the season.


Neeld was there in Round 1


A lot of little things went wrong. Joe was just one of them.


I agree.


that game was won in the last quarter when the players decided to play some strong contested footy. lots of marks, Hooker taking some great ones from memory. definitely wasnt the players having no heart.

things just got worse over the next few games though…


No excuses this year in my opinion.

Top 4 or bust.


Go easy on someone who loves his Bombers. I’d prefer this passion over the “it’s just a job” approach to a club.
Wouldn’t mind wearing my guernsey to work, weddings and Court if I ever had the honour.


im tempering my expectations. i would be happy with making the 8 and a finals win.


I have high high expectations but I also believe we have the side capable of doing serious damage.


Calling it “heart” is incorrect, IMO.
We weren’t shirking. The tackle and contested ball and clearance numbers (and scoreboard) would make it starkly obvious if that were the case.
We were just playing poop.

It was cohesion, it was gameplan, and it was adherence and belief in the game plan. (And a handful of other little things).

The one who should go at the contest, going -
and the one who should stay out for the spill, staying out for the spill.
And the next one along who should make a run to the left to draw out the defender, making a run to the left. Not going the other way for a cheapie.
The one who should stick on his man all the way, sticking on his man all the way.
Your teammate leading where he should lead, not getting in someone else’s way.

And on and on and on.

And it did not get better with the flick of the switch. It took 6 or 8 weeks, from the nadir of ANZAC day, to the peak of slapping WCE in Perth. And there were ups and downs within that too.


Just a finals win for me. We do have the talent to finish top 4 but we are still developing, imo. Another pre-season in the likes of Francis, Ridley, Redman and Begley then we are good to go.