#6 Joe Daniher - almost had a full pre-season


Load up on us for the flag.

What could possibly go wrong



You should be banned for posting that here :cry:


I’ve still got my Blitz Immunity Pin that I won on series 4 of MasterBlitzer.



As Rob Harding analysis vids showed us we eventually got the defensive side of things. But early days we simply weren’t doing them instinctively (since new to group)

That cohesive way in which whole team needs to move and understanding the in game scenarios and where to be be took time.

It looked like we weren’t trying as teams were waltzing through us but it simply happens when zones break down. Our running numbers were still really high. Effort was there.

In the end it all clicked and we were crushing teams defensively.


yep -it seemed there were players who got the game plan and those who didn’t, so we had different players playing different game plans. Frustration and confusion ensued until the penny dropped for all.


Was also players who weren’t buying in, Harvey made note of it. This would have been Neeld related. Once he went things certainly changed for playing group and coaching group.


I’m pretty confident that’s wrong. I’m sure there was a stat produced around round 7 or 8 that showed he was the 3rd most used target going into 50 over all rounds to that stage of the year


Totally unrelated to Joes but I found this article from July.

21% of all kicks inside 50 are marked is actually very impressive!

Not so impressive is the stat on how much the umpires/AFL hate us! No wonder Joe has to play for free’s all the time. Obviously if you are marking at a high rate you will recieve less free’s but we clearly are not getting a fair go.

Beware of ‘Walla’
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti has applied 10 rundown tackles this season – the most of any player in the competition.

Missing Joe?
Even without star forward Joe Daniher for most of the season, Essendon has taken a mark from 21 per cent of kicks into the forward 50 this season, which is the highest percentage of any side.

No goal gimmes
The Bombers have won just 34 free kicks inside their forward 50 this season. This is the fewest of any side and six fewer than the next lowest team. - Callum Twomey


yeah, but that will only backfire long term. You get called a stager and then it’s even harder to win a free and neutral support. It sucks, but the best thing is to play the ball and man on their merits, play to your strengths and if the umpires continue to crucify you then get the coach to invite the umpires / AFL CEO/ AFL media friends for a coffee/chat wth footage of missed frees.


Is that for us or the afl?


I agree.

It is too much to expect for the umpires to have any integrity or actually be competent at their jobs.


For us.
I don’t know where you can find the stats officially though.


I wore my retro Bombers hoodie to a corporate luncheon recently. Felt bl**dy good, too.


I googled for Champion Data and Joey … I thought surely Champion Data would know :slight_smile: … is this what you read?

The stats files: Joe’s alarming fall from grace

Marc McGowan

May 1, 2018 7:00AM

Joe Daniher’s start to the season is baffling

THE GRAVITY of Joe Daniher’s alarming fall from grace was put into focus under the Etihad Stadium roof on Sunday.

Daniher’s Essendon teammates targeted him only twice inside 50 in their latest loss to Melbourne, his lowest in a match since round 22, 2015.

Recruit Jake Stringer (11 targets) and Jayden Laverde and Jackson Merrett (three each) all received more love.

That meagre number equated to just 7.4 per cent of the Bombers’ inside 50 targets, compared to a whopping 35 per cent in the corresponding clash with the Demons in round six last year.

Daniher’s 3.67 inside 50 targets per game this season are lower than even his debut 2013 campaign (4.6), after averaging more than six the past three years.

They plunged again since Cale Hooker shifted back into defence full-time in round four, and the drop-off comes despite no obvious change in his role or Essendon’s playing style from 2017.

Daniher’s one-on-one targets of 4.3 per match is higher than the past two seasons, but his win rate has plummeted from 40 per cent last year to just 31 per cent.

His percentage of involvements leading to a score and percentage of scores involved in have also both slipped significantly.

Melbourne great Garry Lyon suggested on SEN’s breakfast program on Monday that the Bombers were “taking the option not to kick to him”.

“I don’t reckon (Demons defender) Oscar (McDonald) had too many nervous moments with Joe, because Joe didn’t get to the dangerous positions,” Lyon said.

“So it’s (a lack of) work-rate, intent and game knowledge.”

Daniher’s best and worst was on display that day in 2017 when he was such a prime target in the Bombers’ attack.

He took four contested marks among 13 overall, but blighted his performance with a 1.6 return and put two other shots out on the full.

Daniher was an All Australian for the first time by season’s end, and only Lance Franklin and Josh Kennedy kicked more than his 65 goals.

But his paltry 0.3 weekend effort was his second goalless game for the year and leaves him with seven majors from six matches – and outside the competition’s top 40.

Champion Data’s relative ratings, which reflect a player’s performance based on age and position, have him at minus-35 per cent in 2018, as opposed to being plus-44 per cent the past two seasons.

Daniher isn’t faring well against fellow 24-year-old key forwards, with teammate James Stewart (+2.4%), Mitch McGovern (-1.3%) and Tim O’Brien (-19%) all out-performing him.

Damningly, he is also rated below average in pressure acts.

Daniher’s goalkicking is almost as bad as ever, too, slumping to a five-year low of 30.4 per cent.

His tally comprises seven goals, nine behinds and seven complete misses, after being no worse than 45.2 per cent in the previous four years and peaking at 56 per cent in 2017.

Hawthorn champion Jason Dunstall has called for the 201cm giant to overhaul his routine as he resorts to kicks around the body on otherwise standard shots at goal.

Either way, Daniher clearly has work to do to regain his peers’ faith.




It’s not exactly a big story to say we prefer not to kick to the injured out-of-form guy.



Couldn’t get separation from his man on lead, was barely leading anyway. And if ball hit deck giving nothing. Why would they kick it to him.


well… we also kicked to Alwyn Davey like he was a CHF - it’s the Essendon way.


Thanks for that. I’m pretty sure I just saw the stats one of the tv stations showed in one of our games