#6 Joe Daniher - almost had a full pre-season


But it does disprove the idea we just kept kicking it to Joe in 2018


Bobby Axlerod?


Billions? Haven’t seen it, but will follow up.


I’m resigned to him not being their rd 1


Have thought for years we got hard done by for frees inside 50. Nice to know I am not imagining things.


Judd Lalich just posted on Twitter that he’s hearing rumours JD won’t be available for early rounds of season as is that far behind in his recovery.


We’ve got blokes on here that probably started the rumour.


Don’t reckon you’ve quite grasped that twitter acct.


Don’t shoot the messenger


Nah, we lost to Carlton, fired Neeld, suspended Daniher internally for lying and sooking and then everyone just decided to play good footy instead of to trying to play bad footy like we were clearly doing.


He’s not Judd Lalich ya know?


Am happy for him to come back when he is fully recovered.

Second half of the season would be OK, get some match fitness and ready to play finals. :grinning:


Joey will be fine
He has had a big rest - rearing to go I reckon
Lets be positive


Wouldn’t surprise me tbh as i said in another thread I’m resigned to him not playing rd 1

#7 Zerrett

But you’re negative about everything

#25 Jake Stringer
#7 Zerrett

Actually I’m not I’m very excited for the season ahead.

Daniher not yet traning the only negtaive so far this pre season

#25 Jake Stringer
#7 Zerrett

Agree. Three months out and not even in full training. Fitness would be ■■■■■. Touch would be ■■■■■.


Seriously, if it’s gone from early onset of OP in round 8 last fkg year to not Available round 1 2019, sack the whole fkg medical team, or at the minimum, whoever lied about “early onset of OP”


Are you suggesting it’s not the actual Judd Lalich who played for us, who is posting under that name?
Outrageous if true.


Bottom line… don’t care if he doesn’t play 2019, so long as he’s fully recovered and never troubled by OP again. Even missing this year, Daniher has 7+ good years to entertain the fans. It’s so friggin annoying he played 3 months (including preseason) with the injury, likely contributing to the long term damage. “IF ONLY” they recognised/responded to the condition early he’d probably be training with the main group now. Still, Essendon have players who can fill the void so good management by the recruiters/club.