#6 Joe Daniher - almost had a full pre-season


We really don’t have any other player that can fill the void.

We have blokes that we can put in that spot and they can play a role. But a fit Joe Daniher is an irreplaceable loss to the side. I cannot wait until he is back, getting heaps of the footy, and we can complain about his goal kicking accuracy again.


RIP in peace


It’s a shame Hartley prefers to punch rather than mark the ball. He’s a great kick at goal.


Happy to go with the set up that served us well in the 2nd half of last year,till Joe returns.

Plus Fanta returns.
Tippa and Fanta in that forwardline consistently together means Smack/Brown and any other tall just has to bring the ball to ground to give us a chance of scoring.

And Im sure Rutten will further school the boys on how to lock it in the 50 even better.

Joe is the cream,not the cake now.
Which in itself is amazing.


I still think he’s the cake.

Cant win the flag without him on top of his game.


I have full (almost) confidence in Brown and McKernan in 2019


We can.

Just like we did in '84 when Salmon went down mid-season.


I hope you are right.

I have us winning it this year if the umpires give us a fair run.


Agreed. They were doing the job through our strong run for latter half of season. And Smack going down actually farked with our structure a lot.

Not the match winners JD can be although Smack can turn a game in a quarter but Brown however is just a consistent workhorse.

If JD is missing Brown we can rely on

Here’s hoping JD just ramps things up now though. They have clearly been extra cautious with him.


Brown is very reliable too. I felt most comfortable last season when he was shooting. Hard working and can take a grab.


Indeed he is hard working. There were games where he covered the most distance of anyone on the ground.


Yeah i’m a Brown fan. It’s funny how him and Bags were just serviceable in the backline but are both pretty good forwards. Shows its worth moving the magnets and experimenting occasionally.


So you think we can win the flag without Joe?


Mitch Brown has done something that most players don’t at 27 years of age - and that is improve his game.


Injury held him back at Geelong. His progress since he arrived at Essendon has been steady and assured, now that he has developed confidence in his body.


I think one of key reasons we couldn’t get over the top sides in our run home was him missing.

So no I don’t think at pointy end of season we could do so. But could put ourselves in position to without him.


Still didn’t win most improved player


Brown & Smack are both very serviceable, grunt work types. As long as we play well as a team, I have belief they can get the job done.

But i don’t think either of them are even close to drag a team over the line types, be it on an off day for the team or when you just need that extra 1% class to help you beat a Geel/Haw/Rich type dominant side or whoever it is that pops up as the form team this year. (I hope it is us!)

Which with how close the league is atm, can make a huge difference, between challenging for the flag & fighting for the finals.

JD from 2017 just makes things happen/keeps other teams on edge.


And 28yo is the new “Most Improved”.


So you don’t agree.

I thought you were going kid off