#6 Joe Daniher - almost had a full pre-season


It’s still a silly comparison.
I agree with the thrust of his point, and I think most would, but Daniher is not a Lloyd style of player and never will be.
Opponents are not going to push him around.
There actually are similar style of players playing today. Brown and Hipwood come to mind.
Why not compare him to them?

Edit: And if the player type doesn’t matter then, hell, why not compare him to Ron Andrews?


I agree Lloyd and Joey are totally different. Lloyd won most possessions marking out in front on the lead, hitting the turf with a 100 kg defenders knees landing on his back. The amount of physical punishment Lloyd took makes Joe look like he plays touch footy by comparison. TBH Joey neither looks like he could take that punishment nor will he ever dish it out the way lloyd did.


And nor would you expect him to, and nor is Robbo saying anyone should. I think?
Which is what makes the comparison so weird.
All anyone is asking is that Daniher be strong in the marking contest, rather than accentuating contact, and do a little more off the ball.


Wow. There’s been four posts in a row without one from Killer_Mike. Can somebody check he’s ok.


A lot of tall forwards are being credited with kudos for bringing the ball to ground .

I mean that’s common now. When there is an outnumber of smalls favouring your own team, a tall is encouraged to tap the ball out to them , rather than go for a contested mark, especially when many forwards face 2 or 3 up against them…


I suppose they are being compared because Lloyd is a champion of the EFC, whereas Daniher might become one

Edit. Lloyd never won a B&F , Lucas won 2 including one as a CHB, But I still regard Lloyd as a champion of the club. Funny, cos Lucas always seemed to be in Lloyds shadow.


Well, again, we have a lot of champions.
How about Salmon? Wouldn’t he be a better comparison?
I think they’re being compared because Robbo happened to talk to Lloyd.
In which case…


We all know there are only 2 stats in the history of all stats that actually matter. Whether our score is bigger than their score when the final siren sounds; and whether I get lucky tonight.


Guessing that’s why you have been miserable for so long. :grin:


I seriously doubt that Daniher will ever be as good as most expect him to become.


Don’t upset him too much, he might stop talking about langford


And just on that article. I don’t reckon I could count the amount of times Robbo rejoiced in seeing Daniher ‘enjoying his footy’ last year. He’s a ■■■■■■■ dimwit robbo. Not sure why his articles have to be brought to this forums attention.


Did you miss the entire 2017 season or something? If he can get back to that form, any improvement thereafter is a bonus


If he played at his 2017 form for the rest of his career I’d be ecstatic


What a ■■■■■■ trash article. Bloke hasn’t played without OP since 2017. His stats in 2018 were down for EVERYTHING. Pressure acts, possessions, marks, tackles it was all down. Why would you compare him to Lloyd? One was 190cm the other is 200+cms. One of them predominantly led at the ball had a great pair of hands and was a lovely kick. The other has the ability to stand on someone’s head and can be unstoppable. Lloyd had an angry streak, at this stage Joe doesn’t and I don’t think he ever will. Surely the AFL world should just be happy that he’s got through his first game for a long time coming back from a pretty terrible injury. Why waste space with this horse ■■■■.


I think your focusing on the puff pieces too much from the article. The argument was imagine if Daniher was feared and have more of a presence for crushing packs and not taking any crap. In his last game Sicily was asking for a high 5 from him. Imagine doing that Lloyd, Barry Hall or Locket… you wouldn’t have front teeth by the final siren. Daniher ruffling guys heads, that’s not intimidating. Dusty and Buddy are probably the most intimidating players in the modern game, give their opponents a forcely shove when they go to them and never back down.
I’m not in full agreence and don’t think Daniher needs to go the extreme but I understand where it’s coming from, to have an influence even if your not having a great game. If he starts getting the knees up and making any loose back earn it if they want to stand in front of him, I don’t see how that makes Daniher a worse player. It should give him more opportunities.


Yeah, I understand where it’s coming from also.
Some old farking wannabe footballer trying to stir the loins of the macho viewer and be relevant.
He can take his stinking piece of ■■■■■■ newspaper and stick it up his ■■■■.

AFL 2019: Essendon forward Joe Daniher to play in Round 1 on modified minutes following 2018 injuries

In a major boost for the Bombers, who many are tipping to feature in the finals this season, Daniher will face GWS in the opening round. He played just seven games last year due to groin issues.

But after getting through the JLT Community Series, playing both games and kicking the opening goal of the pre-season against Carlton, coach John Worsfold said Daniher will face the Giants - as long as he recovers fully from training sessions over the next week.

“Absolutely (we’ll consider modified minutes). His program will dictate what he is ready for as we get closer to the season,” Worsfold said.

“Now he is on a program that we will be pretty strict with in terms of ‘prepping’ him for the whole year. So we will follow that in the lead-up (to the home-and-away season).”

Worsfold and the Bombers are well aware they will need to manage the 25-year-old in order for him to return to the heights of two years ago, when he helped inspire a run to September.

“The number one thing we wanted out of Joey (in the preseason games) was to see how he coped with full match play because he had done some match play at training, and it was ramping up his volume but at a higher intensity,” he said.

“He has pulled up really well out of that slow build, so that is the best part of it, and that was the absolute aim.

“He might explode out of the blocks (early) and be up and about because we know he is a talented player, but I don’t have that expectation.

“I want him to come out and play to the best of his ability and play his role for the team. I am confident he can do that, but that’s not necessarily kicking seven goals in Round 1.

“I don’t care if he doesn’t kick a big bag all year, as long as he is playing his role and functioning the way we want him to. But his talent says that is likely to happen at some point.”




I love Joe, he is my favourite player.

But surely we play Smack round 1 and let Joe find some touch, confidence and most importantly kick some goals playing VFL? I don’t really mind if that takes until rounds 5-6. We were such a better team last year with a confident Smack than an underdone Joe (I appreciate that other things changed). Can we afford to be carrying a full forward on modified minutes? Will stretch our midfielders who will be required to play increased TOG.

Just seems an unnecessary situation to put ourselves in when we have a competent replacement standing by (assuming Smack doesn’t play, which I doubt).