#6 Joe Daniher - almost had a full pre-season


Perhaps we might play 3 talls

But def agree with your thoughts. If he is in the 1’s should be expected to play a full game. If an injury happens to another tall then won’t have luxury of him playing modified minutes.


I think they could have asked Worsfold if he was planning to use the Flying V and he would respond the same way.

Straight bat defensive stroke.



People read way too much into this ■■■■.
The media is stupid and puts out a bullshit headline that doesn’t match what was said,
then people get worried about it


277k in SC, Do I take the punt on the big fella.


The problem with that may be that Joey’s condition is not like most injuries. The ‘getting better’ part of it is over. Now it’s a matter of hoping it holds up under pressure. Will he get the necessary pressure in the 2’s? Maybe he needs to go full bore to see how he holds up, and by that I mean against gorilla back-men.


I’d hope Joe kicks a bag at some stage this year
He’s not in the side to kick 1 or 2 forever. Hes our number 1 forward. You’d expect a few dominant performances. Weird comments, it basically suggests Joe has a free pass for quite some time

Not sure it’s great for the side playing blokes on restricted minutes on the home and away. I did say Joe will never play VFL, but I’m not sure playing him on modified mins in the seniors is a great idea


Maybe they are using the media to fire Joey up.

Will kick 100 this year.


You should have more faith in your favourite player…

Joe plays round 1, not matter what. The last season he was fit he won All Australian Selection, Anzac Day Medal, Tom Wills Meda and the W. S. Crichton Medal kicking 65 goals.

McKernan has won nothing and kicked 61 goals over 11 years of footy. Earlier this year even Shaun’s own fanbase here were not willing to put their money behind him to kick 35 for the year. (except one I think).

Joey on limited minutes would still bob up and kick a couple and scare the crap out of the opposition. Plus, he belongs, loves the club as much as any other and will be a champion for years to come. He is the best forward in the comp on his day, bar none. He is our biggest match winner, and can deliver when it counts. Don’t need him being hacked down in the 2s by some wannabe… play him!


I vote we play him when he’s 100% right. Much easier to manage his minutes in the twos.


It’s not unusual for players to only spend 70-75% time on the ground, especially early in the season. Any less than that and i’d be a little concerned though.


He is not ready from what I saw. It does Joe no good to go at less than 100% fitness and it does the team no good either. Let him build up to what he needs to be in the 2’s.


I’d be astounded if that happened.


So limited game time …

What does that mean? What’s the cutoff point where it doesn’t become viable to effectively be down a rotation - 65% TOG? 50%? Normally the lowest (not including injury, just management) percentage would be around 65-70% wouldn’t it?


If he plays on modified minutes in round 1 then the coach has failed in his duty to selct the best team…what happens if someone gets hurt then the team will be minus 2 …

If your not 100% to run out the full game then you dont get picked!


As i said above. It’s not unusual for a player to play as low as 70% game time. If they think Joe playing 70+% is worth having then they should select him. If it was lower game time than that i’d think it was a pretty weird decision.


yes but if he is on modified minutes he wouldnt play 70% as that applies to a fully fit player…

He would be lucky to play 50% of the intensity needed …

Bite the bullet and get the minutes and his confidence back in the VFL.

Chances someone breaks down round 1 is always high so as i said we could end up carrying 2 people or for a substantial amount of game or in the worst case scenario joe plays more then he should which could actually set him back!


It is more unusual for a key position player to play reduced time than it would be for a midfielder.

Key position players rarely run anything close to what midfielders do so it will impact on rotations.


Joe averaged over 92% game time in 2017. Modified might not be too much less.


Yeah. I reckon he’d play 80%+ or not at all.


thats when he was fit…how fit is he…id say lucky to be 70%