#6 Joe Daniher - almost had a full pre-season


Note this pattern:

Match sim: 12%
Match sim: 25%
Jlt1: 50%
Jlt2: 75%

Now, I reckon there’s a pattern.


By round 2 he’ll be playing 125% game time? I like it.


Goes to show you… not all clappers are idiots :wink:


The club, media. Obsessed might have been to strong a word. I just wanna see him flying again. But not rush him. Season not over after round 1


The club has maintained the same message… when he’s ready, he’ll play. Then re-evaluate


A number of six day breaks early in our season. I think Worsfold hinted there’s an opportunity we might rotate a few players. I think he’ll be rested once in our first month. However if we’re not flying they’ll panic and keep playing him and destroy him.


That’s hardly at AFL tempo though.

I can’t see him hitting reasonable form until mid year personally.

It is what it is though and we have pretty handy players down there to share the load.

I just hope that Joe shows a little more maturity and doesn’t do the hero stuff he was doing last year.


I reckon you will once Langers runs out, amirite?


I will be at full mast.


An out of sorts Joe completely stuffs up our forward line. He goes for it, doesn’t get it and they run off him

Twos for me thanks


Based on the JLT response, I can only imagine what would happen if Joe went down playing in the 2’s…


I’ll be extremely disappointed if they decide to use the AFL to get match fitness into Joe - we certainly can’t afford the luxury of losing matches at the start of the year and our team certainly ain’t proven/good enough to carry players in the firsts


I’ve missed Joey’s smiling face at the ground. I just hope they bring him back and he can be fully effective in his role


He’s definitely his father’s son.


I can’t forget how poor we played early last year with a sub-optimal Joey D, if he isn’t fit enough to compete as we would expect of any other KPF, then we shouldn’t risk him.

When he plays poorly, it not only throws off our structures, it’s completely demoralising to the rest of the team seeing him so frustrated.


He’s so cooked. If he’s not 100% he’s not 100%, it’s that simple. We’ve played him below fitness before and it ■■■■■■ him up royally, I pray like hell we don’t make that same mistake again.

I really can’t see this as a positive at all for Joe. He should just take it really easy in the VFL until his fitness is basically tip top. If that means 5 weeks out, 10 weeks out, so farking be it


The sentiment is certainly understood. However, at some point, the call needs to be made. If it is now not a matter of fitness, but of hardness, there’s little difference where he plays, perhaps. We’ll know soon enough I suppose.


If they aren’t confident he can complete at least 90% of the game against GWS he shouldn’t be playing.

Let smack play, and let joe build up match fitness in the vfl.


Can we afford to carry so many underdone players? Raz, Zerrett, Daniher, Heppell, Smith and probably McKenna.


All those players are fine.
Joey is an unknowable quantity.