#6 Joe Daniher - almost had a full pre-season


I heard it’s big.


The melts in this thread are quite hilarious.


Round 1 v Giants

  1. Name Joey at CHF and tell him he is playing.
  2. Name Smack as emergency.
  3. Fly both to Sydney.
  4. Give Joey the tap on the shoulder an hour before the game and tell him he is not playing.
  5. Give Smack a tap on the shoulder half an hour before the game and tell him he is playing.
  6. Tell Joey to stop sooking and that he needs to start putting the team first in everything he does. Eg. Stop flying for speckies at every opportunity and stop staging for free kicks if there is no opportunity for said specky. Stop telling coaches and other staff you are ready to play when you are not fit.
  7. Watch Smack kill it as he has had no time to think about it, and neither has the team or the media had time to think about Joey not playing.
  8. Play Joey round 2 at Docklands v St. Kilda and watch him kill it.


Cool story bro.


Joe was not the sole reason the team played poorly. In fact he was only a small component of a much bigger problem.


You forgot to include the overweight Saad.
Panic properly at least.


On that basis we can no play any of our best 22. Joey was not the problem.


How can you be so sure? They were injured for a large proportion of the pre-season and only played limited time in the JLTs


Wouldn’t it be 150%?


There’s a few variables. Whether we’re basing it on weeks, games etc etc. Either way, pencil Joey in for a Coleman.


How dare you impinge the honor of our past CHF greats?!!!

It’s the Traditional Alywn Davey CHF position in perpetuity, always has been, always will be and don’t you forget it!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Joe needs to play at the fringes of his ability. When he contributes it’s almost always when he is leaping just that bit higher than everyone else, running that bit harder than his opponent, or kicking for goal at his limits outside 55/60 where it’s harder to zone.

Look, I love the guy. But Joe doesn’t stand still, use his body, clear space etc… he also doesn’t slot the easy ones 30m out regularly enough. He’s a guy that needs to be taking leaps, running hard, kicking long to contribute.

I’d argue Joey at less than 90 to 95% is nowhere near as valuable to the team.


It’s hard to debate anything you’ve said. I think after last year (and rightly so) people have forgotten how good he is though.

After that nightmare Melbourne game in 17 where he kicked 1-6, i’m pretty sure he went on to kick something ridiculous like 19-3 (i’m not sure of the exact number but in that range). He was kicking them from everywhere, not just on the run outside 50 or on the fringes of his ability.

Once the bloke is up and firing again he is our biggest weapon. And a lot of people disagree, but if we have to struggle through him at 80-90% for a while until he gets there then i say so be it. If he’s close to his best by the back end of the season he could be the difference in a couple of the 50-50 games.


Agreed. Biggest match winner


I hear ya, he can be the difference come the second half of the season/finals… happy to give him the game time he needs, as long as there’s a Plan B KPF in games while he gets up to speed


I’m not sure - I’m opinionated, based on watching those players a lot over the last few months.
What are you basing your opinion on?


Ahh, your missing a key point in that plan:

  1. Watch Blitz meltdown as Joey asks for a trade to Sydney for 2020, citing a fall out with the coaching staff.

You don’t do that ■■■■ to any player on the list, let alone arguably our best player.


It’s a big gamble to take, letting him find form and fitness in the seniors. Let’s hope it pays off because he’s probably the biggest liability to our structure and team when he’s off


This is 100% the way we need to use him and the situation we have at hand. Any entry into the forward fifty needs to go for the best option. I’m sure Stringer would relish the one on ones.


Definitely think he needs to build up his fitness in the seniors, and not VFL.

He can ruck for a bit if he’s not getting the ball or not in form, Tbell always has a presence when up forward and smack and stringer seem to make things happen too, along with Raz & Tippa.

We will be most dangerous when we treat Joey as just another bum in the forward line. If he’s our focal point, then we will struggle as we are too predictable.

It’s too risky putting all of our hopes and dreams and forward entries into Joey, it’s fine if he get’s on a good run but don’t waste entries on him if he isn’t getting clear or isn’t kicking straight.