#6 Joe Daniher - almost had a full pre-season


I understand telling Joe not to stage, but don’t tell him not to go for the speckies. Don’t take the Joe out of Joe.


I’m with those who would rather he get back to full fitness in the VFL, but what the fark would I know really.

Let’s just hope it’s not a dumb miscalculation like playing him early last year clearly was


Disagree, in my opinion any midfielder who does not two way run and be accountable is a far bigger liability to structure in the modern game.


Has had more game time than Bellchambers?


Was much better when he was in the ruck, did a few of those special Joe Dan things.

Looks all at sea forward, maybe give him some time in the ruck or even down back (scotty lucas anyone) to cover Hooker

I still think Smack is underrated as a pure fwd for 4 qtrs, and if he ever got 5 games in a row to build confidene I think he’d own the FF position for us


The only gamble I see is that if he get’s too tired and/or getssore or injured, then it messes up our rotations in a seniors game rather than a VFL game.

If he’s going to get fit he’s going to have to go at 100% wherever he plays, and VFL conditions can be ridiculously windy or bumpy tracks, or 1 sided when he won’t see the ball, he will have ordinary delivery from the midfield, and or he risks some hero trying to make a name for himself and take him out.

Plus, I’m superstitious. If he has some freak accident in the VFL, we are gonna think it wouldn’t have happened if he’d been playing seniors. If he has a freak accident playing seniors, then we accept it’s a freak accident and not related to his pre-existing injury.


Depends on which clappers you are talking about.

Goes like the clappers, has the clappers, two or one hand clappers.


Reading your opinions on those players over the last few months?


I am just putting it out there. I am saying that It may not only be Joe that is underdone and it could be a factor in determining the outcome of the first few games.


Could be.
There’s always a few niggles and not just at the start of the season. No team plays with all players 100%. We’re not in bad shape, considering. I’d gladly take a freeze as we are for the rest of the season, even though it would mean losing Hooker, one of my favourite (and imo most important) players. It won’t get better.


Joe probably plays 95% of the game when he’s fully fit, Modified minutes will mean he plays 85%.

And during that 85% he will play at the appropriate intensity.

He’s ready for AFL football, IMO.


On a philosophical point, is there any player who doesn’t play modified game time these days?

Very rare for the 100% on ground to be achieved.


yeah but he is our most important player when he is on. You don’t drive a lambo in the dirt. 80% Joe can still contribute.


Rumour going around that Daniher hurt his calf - may be out for 4-6 weeks.

Anyone heard anything? Only reason I’m even mentioning it is the poster than reported it in the Essendon group has a very good track record.


This does not make me happy.




If any, they are more often than not kpp’s


Hope this is not true but if it is you have to feel for Joey.

Has had a bad run the past 12 months and just as he was about to take the comp by storm.




I know!!

Like I said, it is a rumour. But this guy reported on other injuries to the team before anyone had even heard a whisper.

Hoping it’s not the case.