#6 Joe Daniher - almost had a full pre-season


Joes going to be putunder the blowtorch at training 2moro. Whether he plays next week will thus depend on how he pulls up.
Its equivalent to an 8 day break.


Ok that confirms it then. He’s gone!

Here’s your chance then Smack.


I don’t remember Gown doing his hamstring either.


Its that time of the year. They have to ease into the 6-7-8 day break cycle to get them cherry ripe for round 1,2,3 and beyond.


Obviously dodgy calves. Joey’s a goner.


Joe needs to speak to Heather Mills. She might be able to give him a leg up in his preparation.


Yep and if Shiel goes down we will just bring in Mutch or Clarke.

Joey has become our most underappreciated player, It’s mental the goldfish memory surrounding Joey.



100% cooked


Yes I remember Joe when he was fully fit in 2017. He was a gun.

But how about 2019 Joe who had been off footy for a year, had no preseason and looked pretty out of his depth in the JLT?

I’m not sure replacing unfit 2019 Joe with either stewart or mckernan will be much worse than an unfit Joe.

But huurrrr durrr mental goldfish hdhdh


Play Joe and use him as a decoy. He demands 2 or even 3 defenders.


Even if he does nothing else, that is his value. Provided we take advantage of it. And we dont. We keep kicking it to him in a 3/1 contest rather than finding the person on their own.


Find out soon enough - training report will be highly anticipated tomorrow.

If joe isn’t there well that’s that. That guy certainly has a decent record.


Joe isn’t our only target in the forward line, and any suggestion that he is, is misleading.


The boys weren’t targeting him last season. Maybe because of his form the didn’t trust him to finish the job. The focus moved from Joe to Stringer very quickly between round 1 and 7.


Fk me I am nervous


Confirmed on SEN out for 4-5


Really, SEN is your source!



Yeah bud. They confirmed it and Joe will be doing a press conference later today.