#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


Here’s to another 10,000 posts, 9,500 of which will be about his moustache

Joe Daniher - KPF

My son’s fav player. Wanna hear him screaming out “Joeeeeeeeeeeeey Baaaaaaaaaabbby!”

6 goals x 17 games = 102. No high expectations or anything.

Do it! :muscle:


Enjoys a beer


Does he? I hadn’t heard that


People need to remember that he was just about 100% fit after the 2 JLT games.

People are acting like this is his comeback from the OP as such. He already recovered from that and is now recovering from a 4-5 week injury




Should I revise my 102 goals target upwards? :wink:


If it automatically closes after 10000 replies, why does it go to 10017?


So for all those who don’t think Joe should play Anzac Day let me remind you of this

Joe is a big game player, and offers far more than Zac Clarke. Bring him in.


A better moustache for one thing.


or as my nephew (who i tried to teach about moustaches last weekend) would say: Mooshash


I still don’t get why his nickname isn’t ‘MoJoe’.

It’s like how Tom Hawkins should always be referred to as ‘The Tomahawk’.

It’s a terrible injustice to waste such perfect nicknames.






“Too many pints for one thread!”

Jeez, come on!


Yeah but points, he kicks points, too many of them… eh whatever yours is better


Shut up Bomber A.
He’ll be playing in Werribee on Saturday and you will like it !


Scoop in the Rage is reporting that he is in the VFL team.



Sorry not sorry @Stallion


If it’s a cold day at Werribee he’ll have to wear a long sock.