#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


He’s a gun and it’s great to have him back.


Haven’t had a chance to see a replay but fid he drop that mark or did walla stuff it up?




That would of put us in front too yeah?


Not sure. Cant remember. Was indicative of us shooting ourselves in the foot over and over.


There were one million ■■■■ ups today, no single ■■■■ up is responsible for the loss.


Yeah, I thought that was going to be the winning moment…


How about that moustache!


remember when people said we didn’t really need him back? big JOEY D is back. and i do mean vitamin D.


4 great goals

Cost us at least 4 goals in first half thru stupidity and laziness but I guess most supporters didn’t even notice

I know we all love the good but gee wizz


Hence, Why I rated him our 7th best player.


That monster mark over Moore in the goal square. Oh my…


Half way through the 2nd qtr I thought and asked the question whether we had already made over 100 mistakes. Excluding the last 5 or so minutes the first half was pathetic full of mistakes.


Had a good view of it. From the moment Shiel got the ball there was no way Joe wasn’t going to get it.



He cost us a few with some inboard kicks he didn’t Nail but it isn’t as if the players he kicked it too made a good account of themselves either.

I’ll give you 2, not 4.




What utter crap. First you say he cost us a couple of goals, then you say he cost us 4 or more. Now that is stupidity.


I remember seeing Devon Smith on TV last year, being asked which players at Essendon really stand out as being talented team mates…(or something like that)

I think he said “The other players say that when JD is up and going, it’s pretty exciting, but I haven’t really had a chance to see it”…I had a feeling that Smith might have doubted that it was a deserved reputation…well JD did only kick 2 goals at most in a game in 2018.

4 goals today for JD…I reckon this will give new draftees like Smith, Stringer, Shiel, Saad a bit of a lift, a bit more belief, knowing that the team has a weapon up front that can be very damaging on his day.


Reminded people how good he is.


Don’t forget the saved goal on the line by him. Crucial.