#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


She must be a KIWI.


Some would see it as ‘stupidity’ - others as taking a high risk/reward kick. Joey is usually an excellent field kick. He has had great success taking those chances before in games. Yesterday - none of them worked. that could be due to his time away from the game, and lack of a bit of ‘touch’. Calling him stupid for it is a bit much.


Yes - the plan of the opposition is to make the other team make mistakes. It’s not a new thing. Players do not suddenly lose their football skills.


FWIW, CD rated Joey as BOG , way ahead of Pendles.


I don’t understand this but i thank you very much for posting it. People forget how much Joe can impact a game.

Also good to see Jakey in 3rd spot.


Lance, Assuming you are not being facetious about not understanding the rating rable, CD have algorithms for players in each position. ( of debatable validity) the input is the raw stats ( generally accepted as valid) the resulting rating points are assessed for each quarter. The total for Joe is the red bar on the left. The black dot shows his average rating points. Hence in Q1 Joe pretty much did not touch the ball so got no points, in the second he amassed about 9 points thats the big red bar on the RHS and again in the last he got about 6 .

The umpires, Grundy and Pendlebury put in a big Q4, that pretty much snuffed us out by one straight kick.


Thanks for explaining. I wasn’t being a smart ■■■, i was genuinely interested.


Usually excellent when he goes long & at least it minimizes the risk as it’s cleared the dangerous area.

It’s the short kicks he is no good at.

Twice off top of my head he duffed 25m kicks in board at the back of square/pies half forward area.

Both putting us back under severe pressure

One ended up a goal. One ended up a shot at goal that missed.


JoeDan gets stats others wouldn’t e.g. goals from 60, marks against 3 defenders. Not sure about Champ Data but don’t think it measures degree of difficulty in achieving a particular stat… JD on a good day, contributes 2 or 3 goals out of nothing.


His field kicking has always been good, even the short ones. I’m watching it right now and one of the short ones that got turned over hit Andy McGrath right on the chest under zero pressure and Andy dropped it.


he was spoiled by Walla & Heppell on 2 occasion when he was on the lead.

Would have won us the game had they got out of his way.

In fairness to Walla & Hep… they have had to go for those marks for the last year as we haven’t had Joe leading like he does.


Actually i said he cost us a couple of goals by his flopping around.
Then i mentioned in general he cost us 4 or more goals.

But as usual i get why you cant make the distinction.


Is our best and most important player, Has he ever gone missing in a big game? If we can win a flag in the next 5 years it will be because of this man.

The way he celebrated his 4th goal showed he means business to me.


He was the highlight of the day for me. To see him back to his best, jumping at the footy unencumbered by injury, working up the ground, spending time in the ruck (this is underrated IMO. In 2017 at times when he wasn’t finding it in the F50 a 5-10 min spell on the ball often broke the shackles, got him in the game and also scored a few goals running back towards our goal. Last year when he played he couldn’t do it because he was so hampered), and his kicking looked far more secure than it ever has. Superb game. Joe back to his best adds so much to the team. I hope he shoves it right up the haters and critics who think he’s ■■■■ and conveniently forget about his 2017 and kicked him whilst he was down last year.


The only one flopping around here is you. In every sense of the word.


Me too. I’ve really missed Joe. So good to see him playing like that.


He is just so farking good. The battle between himself and Moore was a great one. Moore can seriously play and is probably the best matchup I have seen for Joe. But Joe still got the Chocolates on his 2nd game back.

He is no doubt our best and most important player.


Want to see big Joe kick 8 on that ■■■■■■■■ Sicily




There was a stage late in the game when he was on fire… and demanded the ball.

We simply didn’t get it too him. Or just poor disposal inside forward 50.

When Daniher is on fire like this… we must do everything to get the ball in his hands.