#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


He’s back!!


Love him. Could have sworn we had turned him into a block of charcoal. Great to have him back and firing.


Thread title turns out to be wrong. Just the right number of pints, and zero points.


Very very important player for us.
Elite mark and kick. Chases well; breaks even in the ruck.
Has one flaw.
When out of position in marking contest, he doesn’t contest hard enough to turn the contest into 50/50. Would rather feign a free kick or exaggerate a push. And either gets out marked or is out of the next contest on the ground.
It’s either chocolates or nothing.
Fix that and he will become a truly elite player.


His half-time goal - that would have been a serious test of his OP area. He must be very confident in his body to go back and give it his all like that.


IIRC Joe took two marks around wing to HB on the members side near the boundary line, when we went long out of defence, both in Q1. At least one of these was contested.


I think if he had a of kicked one more goal and we won who would have got the Anzac Medal again.

I’m sure he was playing with his grandfather in the back of his mind but it would have been a fitting result.

At his best I personally think he’s top ten in the comp.


Imagine what a sad ■■■■ you have to be to not just marvel and enjoy one of the best key forwards in the game taking screamers and kicking bombs.


After 10-11 months between games he is still a top 10 player in the league. Daniher and Lynch will be considered the best tall forwards in the game by years end.


Early in the game he marks just short of the wing, and pinpoints a 50 m pass in the forward line. Later he misses two short passes into the corridor, leading to turnovers and goals. l would have preferred him to go long again, to put pressure on the Pie defence, rather than try to finesse passes into dangerous areas of the ground, when he hasn’t got his touch back.


that goal


One of those kicks (I think resulted in Sidebottom goal) he had Walla and Heppell loose on the wing around 40m further from where he had the kick (just outside D50). We were out but chose the wrong, risky option then compounded it with a skill error. It’ll take Joe some time to get some feel for the game back, he’s missed twelve months after all. He’s showing some really encouraging signs though.


I’m a bit of student of Joe’s kicking. Just an amateur opinion, but I would love to see it in ultra slow motion.
I reckon his problem has always been pulling a lot of kicks to the right, and then fighting this tendency leaves him guessing about where he is kicking it. Short and medium range only, long range his natural arc and hooking action works and he has confidence in it.
I reckon his L to R hook comes from the ball hitting just right of the high point on his instep (ie the very hard high bone on your foot).
Yesterday is the first time I’ve noticed him slicing at the ball ie swinging his leg more across the line from left to right, maybe to help make sure the ball hits more the outside of his boot. Tony Lockett used to do it, and I thought it always looked odd for a guy who kicked it straight, but maybe Joe has adopted this.


I think your spot on. Going off the two games his sweet spot is slightly left of his left foot with the leg going to the right.
Left foot to right post, should start the ball just left off that if he hits it a touch open and will fade left.
The Bubba fade.


Walla took off, and was in space, as soon as he saw Joe with the ball, a pass to him would have been the right option.


How the actual fark did that kick drift so dramatically right and sail through?! that was a truly incredible set shot roost.


The roar of the crowd was fantastic.


We are starting to sound like BT with this level of analysts, and that is not a good thing


Second game back in twelve months almost single handidly drags us over the line in a big game

We are weeks away from a big Joe bag.


Because despite the commentary he didn’t hit it flush. He slightly outside of the foot hit it and that is why the spin was kinda weird and created a crazy left to right.

Buddy kicks goals from that side because he kicks the ball slightly on the instep and that is why his kicks tend to bend right to left.

If JOEDAN had of hit it flush it goes into the crowd.