#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


Conjuring a Blitz limerick
Is DonBomb’s latest trick.
He whips out a rhyme
In next to no time.
If only Myers was as slick.


By the time he kicked over Cox, it was easily 60 meters.

But Hartley would kick it up to the second level.


@jonodvp 's post didn’t rhyme
not sure that he tried at the time
but my post as well,
(as I’m sure you can tell)
doesn’t fully rhyme either.


Joe Daniher has a fantastic long HIS SOCK.


The thing I like about the updated version of Joe is that he’s not trying to kick the ball out of the ground when close to goal. As seen on Thursday, loved how he guided the ball through the big sticks half post height


The 2 long bomb goals (North and Pies) were weird kicks. Drop punts but if you watch from behind him they go one way and then the other to sneak in


BT - “left to right slider”


Haha love BT.

So good at summing up the situation during a game


and the 2 kicks were different. One was going right to left at the end and the other was going left to right


JoeDan: chaos ball.


“From the paint”


Dwayne Russell easily the most annoying commentator


its a nice idea, but lets get real. Darcy Moore isnt even fit to shine Joes shoes…



JD flogged him 2nd game back from an LTI

If we’d have won the game he’d have been Anzac Medallist most likely


that would have been a remarkable return to football


To be fair, Moore is currently flogging his key opponent: his hamstrings.


I feel no need to be fair


I’m not ashamed to say I laughed the first time I saw Moore: five metres in front of me at Windy Hill when his hamstrings went POP after the gentlest push in the back by his opponent.


Moore has turning into a great player. He out did Joe on a few occasions. Like Joe he is very mobile for a big man. It’s a great watch.


Big props to Joe Daniher for his performances so far this year.

I must admit to being very very concerned that he would take quite some time to hit any sort of form. Proved me well and truly wrong, and its a credit to him.

It’s great to have the big fellow up and about.