#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


Sounds great. It’s what I wish for too. But we struggle to do this consistently.

It was the same when Ryder played for us- thought he should have roam across the centre of the ground and they just had to kick it high to him to take advantage of his run and his massive leap. Didn’t happen.

We don’t exploit our strengths as much as we should. Instead yesterday we got these high kicks to Merrett - close to the shortest bloke on the ground - where he’s in a 1 vs 2 situation. Why do we do pick those poor options?


Not that big…


Would this one be OK?




It’s permitted Ding. You know the rules and so do I


That’s very good and I hate you.


Just heard on SEN - Out this week…


It’s a bit ominous about JD’s soreness. Of course they may be considering resting him just because of the 5 day break; or it could be a flareup of his long term injury. I hope it’s not his groin again. I was a bit puzzled by a few of his efforts last week. If his groin has flared up again, it would explain those particular efforts.

Our depletion of big men has now become very serious. We’ll struggle even more with so many unavailable.


He’s finished.


We are a team of gnomes.


It sounds like a highly sensible decision. We haven’t made too many of them in the last five years or so


RIP til 2020


I reckon they worked out weeks ago he wouldn’t be playing Sydney.


He’s out because he is already sore. That’s not a good thing after 3 games of footy, but it’s not the end of the world. He was rubbish last week which suggests he may have played sore in his 3rd game back.


When asked about Joe on the team selection video Woosha wasn’t exactly convincing that it’s only going to be one week.

Bit concerned


No pre-season, missed the first five games and now after only three games he needs a rest. Hmmm.


Bloke has played 3 games of footy in 12 months, has only a 5 day break between games, and people are shocked said person might be a bit sore.

I’m sore after 1 f**king gym session.


I don’t think you understand how this works. Someone in that situation is more likely to need it than someone who has played every game


Its starting to look like Joey might be a bit like his Uncle Neil. I hope this is not so. Also he has been away from footy not playing and not conditioned to the rough and tumble atm.

Joey some think is one of those once in a generation type players. He has fine footy blood line and genetics. He is sort of mercurial and magical to watch when he is on point. He makes it all look effortless and simple when its not. I think the club needs to be extremely careful in his management now. He may need even more expertise in his management to keep him on the field. He may be one of those players who doesn’t play every game and is managed very skilfully.


You missed my point. I hope it is as you say. i was alluding to a possible return of a long-term injury.