#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


Most of us aren’t bagging anyone, we want him to do whatever he needs to do without any pressure from the footy club or anyone else, to get well. His health first, footy second.
Whilst that sentence is probably quoted a lot its a double edged sword.

Person first always, club second where the person’s health and well being are concerned.


Joe ‘should play’ according to Woosha.

I don’t have any inside word but where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Something not good going down. I would bet that his groin is having issues again.


That’s a huge conclusion to jump to based on absolutely nothing. He never confirms if a players will play or not before team selection.


It is but I was suss that he was being rested last week. Surely given that it’s been such a miserable few weeks for the club, he provides the good news to the fans that he is definitely playing if he is playing.


Last week was a very logical rest for him coming back from what he has, even if he was flying, feeling great and kicking 10 goals every week.


Did not look right verse Geelong and now is a chance to miss 2 weeks.

I hope I’m wrong but this club stinks of bad news time after time


It made sense resting him last week. It was always going to happen a few times through the year.

3 games on, 1 game off, then he has 3 games on, then the bye. I wouldn’t worry just yet. (they might have also underestimated Sydney a little)


Geez. People were bagging the club saying that the club miss-managed JD last year by playing him in too many games in a short period when there were concerns over his groin. Now they are saying that there is a problem because we are managing him.


I didn’t know this but I like it, big Joe is named after smokin Joe.


LOL Awesome.


Listening to Raz on Don Air, I don’t think Joe will play.

Was recorded on Tuesday before the main session so he wasn’t sure but emphasised that it’s about getting him right for the long term


He’ll play. He’s had a decent rest.


So it turns out Joey wasn’t being rested at all… He must be still carrying an injury if there is any doubt about him playing this week.


Exactly. Can they not just be honest with us?


Joey had general soreness.
He could’ve played, would’ve played if it was a GF.
Possibly he had the soreness against cats as he was crap in that match, but that is a guess.
Clearly he is not back to full health and fitness yet.
No one is being dishonest. It is pointless to tell the media every detail of the challenges, injuries and knocks that all 22 players deal with each week.


We should treat games against 18th as grand finals


LOL, how true!!!


You guys are saying this like it’s fact. The team hasn’t even been announced yet.


Just reacting to what John Worsfold said in the presser… He thinks maybe Joey will play but they have to wait and see… See how he goes over the next few days.
That sounds like an injury rather than being rested.


I’ve never heard Woosh give a solid yes on a player before team selection is announced. In fact, what he said made me more confident that Joe will be playing. Anyway we’ll know in a few hours.