#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


Welcome back Joey!


Joe looked like a friend invited to someone else’s party. Slotted a goal from miles away and everyone went “damn son. We forgot about you”.


Obviously rusty but I was surprised at how well he adapted after being out for so long. Very encouraging.


What an absolute bonus it was in the end to get that game into him.

Could very well kick a bag next week.


I reckon he was gearing up for the patented finger twirl but Bellcho was on him too quick.

Pleasing first hit out for Joey. Fingers crossed he gets up for ANZAC Day and has a clean run at it for the rest of the year.


So where are all those who were desperate for his first game to be in the 2s? Hadn’t played in a year, was rusty and still made a contribution. He is one of our top players and to read some of the utter rubbish over the last year has been ridiculous. Surely the comment above about him being a backup from Brown is taking the ■■■■… please. It’s like saying Buddy has been a good backup for Reid. Great to have the big fella back. He will be regarded as an Essendon great by the end of his career.


He was good.

As usual, missed an important shot that would have given us momentum, went missing for large chunks, bobbed up for 2 remarkable goals.

Best bit was we weren’t reliant on him as we had plenty of forward targets.


Will do him good for the run leading up to Anzac Day…his confidence will be better for it aswell. Keep in mind footy is mostly between the ears, fitness staff wouldn’t have played him most of the match if they didn’t think he was capable of backing it up. Plus with him and Hams coming in allowed for other players to rotate more in preparation for Thursday


Played 101 out of a possible 117 mins. Will be better for the run. Great to see the big fella back and that goal in the last was frickin awesome.


Why is everyone quoting 91% then?

(Your point stands, either way.)


Can only guess that a few failed high school mathematics. :wink:


You sure about that son


I wanted him played in the vfl. The reason why was evident in the first half, playing for frees, giving away frees, dropped marks, missed shots. But he improved as the game went on and the goal from distance was fantastic particularly considering he couldn’t kick over a jam tin last year. Good to see he has that power back.


For Norf LOL.


Yes father


I really thought he should have been played in the VFL until the Cats game. I guess time will tell whether this ‘Plan B’ approach worked.

Hey, we finally have a Plan B!


Sorry… plan B?


Bring me the Batman. :grin:


The boys are so happy in this photo - great to see!


Well said. All things considered now that we’ve won, it’s good that he got a lot of AFL minutes and will now have a longer break before Anzac Day than if he played VFL.

I also thought he looked a lot better between the arcs than inside our fifty and that’s where we should keep him. He’ll either be able to roam free and dob goals from 60, or at least draw defenders out of the fifty and leave it open for messrs Jake, Orazio, Tippa, Mitchell.