#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


Reid doesn’t get 20 disposals everyweek and kick 3 to 4 goals like brown. Ohh and Joe isn’t buddy… Yet…

Brown is undroppable at the moment and every bit as important as Joe.


Commentators said he had played 91% and that was before he warned the pine for the last 5 minutes.


commentary said it late in the 3rd or early 4th.


Source: 101 of 117 mins.


to DJR’s point that is not 91%


Not sure if you meant to reply to me?



Perfect game to come back. Easy win. He would of really benefited from the 2nd half and was probably given freedom to do what he wanted.


Just about the perfect hit-out for him as it turned out. Not a lot of pressure, got to run around and find his touch, even got to drop a long bomb.

My one concern is structural. We’ve played so well without him that I wonder how easily he fits into that structure. He’s a bit like a puppy who sees the ball and has to run after it when at times you want him to play with more discipline and stay at home.

Having said that, it’s a good problem - when he’s rolling he’s a star.


No man sorry was the post above yours


I don’t think it’s a problem anymore. Anyone looking for a fwd to kick it to would happily kick to any of Stringer, Raz, Brown, Walla, etc.

Joey will have to be our best option to get a look at it now, and we will be less predictable.


Yes, but that presumes they’re in the forward 50 to kick to. We still kick it to Walla too much for my liking, though he’s pretty good. Just need to organise ourselves sufficiently that there’s always a tall target at home, and hopefully coming at the ball. What we can get away with against North with we won’t get away with against Collingwood. Have to play smart.


This is the great test. Beating the bottom team - Melbourne - an over-hyped Brisbane and the Tin Rattlers is good, but beating the Filth would be great. Then there’s Geelong…If we are good enough, we’ll win. The Pies are a good side and if we beat them, people might take us seriously. We want smaller odds than $13 for the flag!


Have a very difficult 3 weeks coming up.

A flying Geelong
Away trip vs Swans off a 5 day break

Good results here would put us in a very strong position after 8 rounds, in stark contrast to last year.



Need to win 1 of Pies and Cats matches.

And 1 of Swans and Tigers matches.

And beat Dockers.

That would put us 6-4.

I’d take that and launch from there.


This was nice from Mason Cox


cox would appreciate big joey D.


Nice try Mason, I’m still gonna hate on you during ANZAC day.


2nd game back is usually harder than the 1st