#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


I was definitely against including him for this game, and was strongly of the opinion that one or two games in the VFL would be the best path back. As it turns out - not a bad game, no injury, a 60m bomb, another goal, lots of fun and smiles, and ready for Anzac Day. I was wrong.


So did the club


Thanks for that, captain obvious


Especially given we were 0-2, and playing horrendously.

I’d be taking that in a heartbeat.


Looked like a million dollars compared to 2018. Had the spring in his step back and kicked a 60 metre drop punt like it was nothing.

We’ve gone a season without our best player, it’s awesome to have him back.


I think after a dreadful 2018 the competition has forgotten how good he is. With him moving freely and getting confidence they will be reminded in the second half of the season.


That is actually quite nice of him.


Grundy also wished Joey a speedy return last season.


Maybe we should wait to see how he plays on Thursday before we call it a success. But yes, so far so good.


Don’t think there has to be a right or wrong here. There were a number of ways to bring Joey back. Good reasons to play him through the VFL rather than AFL. That may have been the better way to have done it. But circumstances meant he played on Friday. He got through it physically ok and got some good touch.


Nah, hindsight has shown they were right to bring him back through the AFL.

We won the game. We won it easily, and so he only had to go as hard as he wanted to. No harm caused to either himself or to the team.

I’d still bring the next player back through the VFL. I am a big advocate of not having players play AFL until they are match fit. But in this case, no harm was caused, so the move has put us in a better position.


I was more pondering the hue and cry there will be on here if he aggravates his calf 5 mins into the game on Thursday or aggravates his OP.


Joey with a cafetera tattoo??


Tattoo of a moka pot?



What about the “hey how are you?” Tattoo.



his sock



Now we know the source of his OP.


long black?