#6 Joe Daniher - cooked for this decade


Still have my reservations about this.

I hope they don’t become Daniher conscious.

As you state any one of those forwards are just as effective and atm more so than an underdone Daniher. All we need as a minimum is for him to compete and bring it too ground and give our small forwards a chance.


God I have missed this bloke!

Absolute gun!!


I so wanted to see him kick the match winner again but wasn’t to be.
Great game though.
Just needs to remember playing for frees only works when you play for the pies


Goal at half time was epic, and his goal in the last…




Can’t expect much more than that for a 2nd game back.
Looks to have his mojo back.


Its a week to late for posting, but this made me smile:


Fark we have missed him

Some miraculous moments

But please JD stop with the cute kicks into the corridor and botching them every time


He’s building and building. Joe is going to do something amazing soon. The big pack grab today. The booming set shots. Hasn’t played for a year. I think he’s going to kick a lot of bags.


He was so ready to kick the winner and we couldn’t get it to him.


I love him.


We so almost did…


Only second game back after a long layoff. He has come back a lot lot better than I thought. And his is nailing those shorter distance shots at goal which is great to see.

As for his long shots at goal… OH MY!!!


His snap and his long shot were great - showed what a freak he can be.

But, I really liked him slotting the ‘straight forward’ pressure set shots from closer in…in the past he misses at least one of these, if not both. It is the only thing (excluding injury) that holds him back from being the top forward in the game.

Great 2nd game back. Much better than I thought he would be capable of at this point.


Cannot ask any more of the guy after playing no football for a year. What a ■■■■■■■ star. We are so lucky to have him. Wait until about 6 weeks when he’s match fit


I can ask plenty.

Like realise you’re a 6"7 odd player and not a mid, stop trying fancy passes you are not capable of on a consistent basis.

Also the amount of flopping around like ben brown is poor and cost us a couple od goals cos hes ltimg on the ground diving, while moore just kept marking anytging at will.

I know most want see or say it but daniher cost us as much as he did good, yeah he kicked 4 goals but i reckon he gave that away minimum by hes stupidity.


Have a glass of water mate.


Agree to disagree.


I actually think joey’s staging is a problem. and sometimes he needs to play within his means.

but he kicked 3 goals no ooboft so idc.


Agree Doe. I’m pretty hyped by his performance today. High pressure all game and snagged a few. Couple of them were outside of the norm and it’s very early days. When we get out against sides he’s going to be on the end of a lot of leather.

*outside of the norm for most. Not for Joe when he’s on.