#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


Lots of other media reporters confirming it as well.


You could see he was no where near ready in the JLT. This is bad management imo. He only started running 6 weeks ago an they try an push him for round 1. Either joe wasn’t honest with his condition or the club pushed him. I’m not happy


Club has confirmed


The only thing worse than posting the purple flog into this thread is the toss bag Oren F sitting on the step, posing for a photo in his favourite real estate gear.


Why didn’t you let the club know the session before he did his calf?




Back to the winning formula of Brown, Smack and stringer.


Why so desperate to play him round 1. It was always unrealistic considering the injury he had. It took me two years to get over a injured hip. I just thought with my own experience he would be not ready. That’s all.



What is with this increasing use of the term ‘kick’ or ‘knock’ to the calf?!

Clearly it is a tear.

If it was a farking kick/knock you might have a corkie for a few days and that would be it.


Farking vicious kick, that.


This season is going to be a train wreck


Pretty gutted, tbh. Joey back out there again for Round 1 was what I was most looking forward to this season.

Trust our luck to have both Hooker and Joey stumble at the finish line. FFS.


Time to pack it in, boys.
Let’s go home.
Hope 2020 works out better.


Well… at least we’ve settled the debate.
He’s definitely on restricted minutes in round one.


Our forward line did function well without him. Stringer looks in great form, Fanta had a better pre season. Tippa looks fantastic as well.

Team will get by, hope when Joey returns, it’s at 100% (surely he’d have to play a game or 2 in VFL at this point?)


I just want to see joey do finger twirls on Anzac day :frowning:


He’s cooked.



How the f**k do our two most important talls do calfs days before the first game?


No issue with this one. They had to know whether he could get through the round 1 match.

Terrible that it has happened, but much better to have happened now, rather than 5 minutes into the 1st Qtr round 1.

Get well Joe.

Will definitely be forced to come back through the VFL now.


waiting for the melts…