#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


Just when I had a smidgen of hope JD might actually play footy again,this happens. RIP JD.



Absolutely pathetic management of a prize asset. Might as well write off half Daniher’s year now. Will take him a minimum of 3 to 4 to get up and running after he is fit.

Effectively 18 months of his career ruined by poor management. Poor by player and club.


please in detail explain why its bad management?

im a bit naive on this stuff…


I’m puzzled. How do you miss 6 weeks with a “kick” to the calf?

Fk me.


Feel for Joe. The lad just wants to play!

How can anyone be bagging the club for poor management though?

He’s had the fkkkknnn slowest build up ever and they have backed him off at any sign of soreness in the groins (which this also could be!)

Injuries happen in footy and this one just one of those things. Perhaps even because he’s been out so long and the ramping up of playing /training didn’t cope with.

In any case I know I was worried about our fwd structure with an underdone JD in it. Now he will he forced to be ready to go perhaps even with 2’s games, and our very strongly functioning fwd line of the latter half of last year can be back again.


maybe they are trying the old “tell em its 6 weeks and everyone will be excited when he’s back earlier than that?”


I’ve seen worse kicks to the calf.


might have to change the thread title here.

5 weeks, lets us put smack in the team which i like.

And hopefully Daniher gets right.

I Still wonder if it is a calf, or OP or want to give him a mini preseason as he wasnt quite up to scratch in the JLT.


Both our bookends out with serious calf injuries. Lid on.


Why were they ■■■■■■■ playing him in the ruck the last two weeks?


For someone that knows nothing, you sure talk a lot of ■■■■.


Step 1 - Get OP
Step 2 - Recover from OP
Step 3 - OP Flares up again
Step 4 - Tell club doctor
Step 5 - Doctor kicks you in the calf
Step 6 - Doctor reports “kick to calf”.


If it was just a kick to the calf, then it’s hardly a case of mismanagement by the club.

edit: in light of @samwoods’ post above, it damn well IS a case of mismanagement FFS


Yep. Playing him in the ruck was smart.


See you in 2020


On a positive note this will give him more time to get his groin right


How does a 25yo do a fkn calf injury anyway? It’s an old man injury


And then he’ll do a hammy which will give him more time to get his calf right etc etc…


Or it’s his groin that isn’t right and we’re lying about the calf, which we’ve been known to do in the past with ‘knocks to the calf’. That would be my guess