#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


So you are saying Joe will win a norm smith, multiple b&fs and lead us to a premiership?


Uh oh


He hasn’t done a calf! We rushed him back too early and his OP has flared up again you numpties


How would you know it is poor management by player and club. F##k off. Gee there are a lot of ‘know alls’ on here.


I would think this is correct. But it seems odd considering there was an article 2 days before and woosha said hes right to go



Any acne scarring?


I understand this logic.


The best thing about a conspiracy theory is that any evidence against it is just part of the conspiracy!


I’m not sure if we rushed him though. I’d just say he’s not ready. But yeah, it’s pretty clear in my opinion that he is just not right to play senior footy

Disguise it as a calf setback. Imagine the absolute meltdown if the club came out and said that his groins have flared up


Now we have the Joe Daniher saga
Hes right to go
He will be on modified minutes/ managed
He has to pull up OK after Friday training.
He’s out for 6 weeks with a knock to the calf.


We’ve actually had a pretty good run with injury in the past couple of seasons compared with other teams. Shame we didn’t do anything with it. We played better last year without a half fit Joe so I’m not so sure this even matters. He’s hardly a superstar (yet) despite the fapping on Blitz. Smack gets an opportunity ahead of Brown for me.


…and out they come to play.


I swear these are auto replies:

“However, Joe remains positive and is committed towards his rehabilitation program…While disappointing, this injury provides an opportunity for another forward to step up in Joe’s absence…”


Can’t he simply apply some of this stuff and play?


Of course they are. It isn’t a soap opera. Answers from a box.


By the way, I can confirm that Joey is not even walking around the oval this morning. On the bright side, neither is anyone else.


Do you think he will line up in the VFL?


Sh#T happens. And injuries to footballers happen.

It is disappointing. But really, we just have to suck it up (or crack the sads and blame the club - whatever tickles your fancy).


AFL isn’t a soap opera? That’s exactly what it’s become!