#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


So I guess Smack, Brown and probably Laverde are all in for round 1 now. Stewart might be a chance to play that 3rd tall instead of Laverde, but I get the feeling he isn’t ‘in favour’ with the coaches atm


Plenty of the ■■■■■■■ numpty reactions on here must be auto replies as well.
“What ■■■■■■ management by the club”
“It’s really his groin. It’s a cover-up”.

■■■■ me there are some dickheads on here


Disappointing - but this one has hair all over it!

Spoke to a contact probably in Jan now - he was never ontrack for R1 and in fact it was more about being ready for the 2nd half of the season. The injury is bad, takes time etc. Fair enough.

Fast forward to JLT - something had changed and obviosuly we were fast tracking him for R1. Why on earth were we?

This isnt even the point - look at our squads (and I said this earlier!) why on earth where Smack and Stewart not given playing time! They were given no senior exposure this pre-season (smack a couple minutes) - to me, this screams utter incompetence!

We hit JLT and expected Joey to play R1, and the others were pushed aside. Not even given half games in case of something going wrong. They now need to be prepared via VFL exposure only.

Not good enough at all.


EDIT: Retracted. Happy to let people vent.


Actually, that sounds more like an admission his OP has flared up. The “knock to the calf” might just be like a “knock to the knee” but a bit lower down the scale?


leave him alone… people are just emotional and want someone to blame…

Once the shock wears off people will calm down


go on…

Give me one good reason Mckernan was not given time this pre-season.

I cant tell you as FACT the question has been asked internally.


It might be a bit early, 10 am is usual isn’t it?

Are there any carts out on the oval?


what shock?

I posted in the Geelong game thread this was an issue as Joey was a MILE OFF!

he should not even have been considered for rounds 1-3 even if fit. I dont want to see him before the break.


All good mate - I get it, it’s disappointing, we are all disappointed.


Do you work for the club mate?


The question is is it that he is just “out of touch” . That’s understandable. Or something else? Now that would be disappointing. If he is out of touch, he should really come back via the VFL, that would fast track his return to form.




keep clappin.


Oh ok, Carry on then.


We have managed daniher perfectly.


Main reason why Daniher was given game time:

  • Daniher: 100 games, 181 goals (1.81 goals per game)

  • McKernan and Stewart combined: 107 games, 105 goals (~goal a game)

A fit Daniher scores roughly twice as many goals as McKernan and Stewart combined, on average. Hence, he is simply a higher priority to the team than either of those two guys.


Lawn just finishing being mowed. Lots of tribal gutteral blood-stirring yells coming from inside the hanger. Oirish grabbing a coffee.


$20 says it was Smack who “accidentally” kicked him in the calf.


Lets see if the club and JoeDan get can it right the third time. Third time lucky or not.