#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


Slapped him across the legs with his neck, like a giraffe.


We were sh*t with him last year, then turned it around overnight without him.

We were sh*t with him in the JLT this year…



With a razer blade


And can we seriously stop with the “we play better without him” bullshit. If you really think that you either have a very short memory or just don’t have a clue about football. Joe is a star and this is bad news. Fingers crossed he gets up for Anzac day.


Rushing back an underdone player for Anzac Day - what could possibly go wrong?




We certainly don’t play better with an underdone Joe.


Haha, nobody is suggesting we rush him. Fingers crossed but not likely.


It’s a good thing the reigning Premier didn’t have any recurring injuries to their best forward last year wasn’t it?


Bring in the Lav!


It’s the first calf ever to be torn by a kick


I was premature about the lawn-mowing. Carnt is still farking at it. Taking his sweet time.


Probably got a kick to the blade and is on a modified lawn mowing schedule.

This would not have happened if the club had been careful and not tried to rush the lawn mower onto the field.


When you get a calf tear, it actually feels like someone kicked you in the back of the leg ( at the moment the injury occurs). Immediately after that, you virtually cannot walk. Like you are anchored to the spot. It is extremely painful.
I experienced that in the first 5 minutes of a grand final due to lack of a proper warm up. I was ■■■■■■ with that as I sat on the sidelines.


We definitely play better without Joey when Joey isn’t fully fit.

The way we had structured up in the forward line in JLT was too reminiscent of our start last year.

Once we get a fully fit and firing Joey back, there is no question, we are a better team with him in it.


That made me laugh.


Bugger. There are certain players you love watching go about it. L FRANKLIN!, T ‘Game of Death’ Greene, the good Curnow from Fark FC, D ‘Don’t Argue’ Martin and J ‘Badass Teenage Moustache’ Daniher to name a few. Man, that’s no good. Quick recovery, please.


He has turned into a bit of a scapegoat for the team playing ■■■■. You can’t argue that the rest of the team were playing well in the first 8 rounds of last year or the JLT this year.

Hopefully he recovers quickly. I guess laying off for another 5 weeks will be good for his OP recovery.



[Jan 12 2019)
Towards the end of training Joe worked out on the smaller oval leading and kicking for goal followed by additional running. I couldn’t fault his effort but he was moving very GINGERLY and not at full pace. It looked to me that he was reluctant to bend over and pick up the ball in front of him and he punctuated his activities by pausing for a kind of stretchy squat. Looks a long way off for mine but I’m no expert.

Two months later…

I’d be surprised if this fitness issue wasn’t related to the groin problem. I don’t have any direct evidence but one goal in two JLT games is perhaps a pointer to his level of fitness when required to compete at the top level.


It’s an elite sporting club do you seriously believe they are that incompetent? He got an injury, it happens. Spare us the tin foil hat versions.