#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


Did the lads get the win?


Being managed well.

Going to be a rough start to the season


Whoever is managing you needs to be relieved of their duties.


So over these injuries.



Joe better give us mates rates on his next contract.


He is cooked


Should trade him to Sydney.


I’m bullish about our forward options without Joe, the midfield depth is the worry.


Nah but I tore my calf when I made my comeback at the local.


Any advice for Joey?


Don’t trust the club’s medical team. Blitz clearly knows what he should be doing. Not those clowns.


Well, the club hasn’t exactly made great decisions in the last fifteen years…


Put Nino in charge. At least we’d get good injury updates.


WTF ???

Zerrett, Shiel, Heppell, Smith, Myers, McGrath, Zaharakis, Langford, Parish, Stringer, Tippa, LAV



Doctor Nino at your service

  • Poor JLT
  • Hooker injured calf
  • Daniher injures calf
  • several key players underdone

It’s been a ■■■■ pre season.


Joe having a calf Injury is as truthful as Luke lavender choosing to retire

I don’t think we have managed him badly this pre season at all. The groins have just flared up after a couple of games. OP is brutal


why on earth where (sic) Smack and Stewart not given playing time!

Fair comment

But do not underestimate either of them- they both have great courage and can play. Both should be selected in this team


I am not laughing at all

Crying more like it!!