#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer




You think that midfield group is going to take us to a flag ? Still 2 quality onballers away imo.


Is the kick to the calf comment just the usual Blitz ■■■■ take or is there a credible source somewhere who has said it was a kick to the calf.

The AFL.com article says its a tear.

I usually have a laugh but ■■■■ me Im so ■■■■■■■ disappointed I cant laugh at this


This is from the EFC site.


At least it’s not the old EFC “knock to the calf” that would be career over.


I think I would be in the very very minority here, but the team is better without him. I honestly would use him as trade bait.


Stuff happens. As a contact sport you can’t avoid 100% crap stuff from just happening. If it was an impact injury as stated by the club then that stuff can happen anytime during an actual game. He’s important to us, but no player should be essential to your success. If we are any good then we’ll cover for him. We have to anyway - don’t have a choice.

As for Joey - he’s going to be one of those players you just fear for, expecting bad news during games and training. i.e. We’ve had a few of those at Essendon over the years As do other clubs.


Interested in your logic. Do you think we focus on him too much? Not reliable enough? Structures don’t work as well when he’s playing?


What should have been.


TBF Essendon has employed a rodeo clown in the past, who did program excessive training volumes for players, which did result in injuries.

(I haven’t got an issue with the medical team. I just wanted to post about rodeo clowns.)


he was never going to get through round one unless on reduced minutes which they stated would be the case…as someone else said as much as they talk it up he was nowhere near ready for JLT…


He doesn’t mark the ball enough, terrible shot at goal, gets out bodied to easy, we do look for him way too much, doesn’t have that hard edge we need. I know he is a young forward that he has been injured lately but I could go on and on about his football problems


maybe full time ruck could be his calling.


I’ve seen some utter tripe written hear lately, but this tops them all.


So in this alternate reality where Joey is a ■■■■ footballer, did he fluke all 65 of his 2017 goals? Most forwards can only dream about doing that.


Trade him for a crips type mid


In his last injury free season he was an All-Australian forward, who kicked 50+ goals in a season for us for the first time since Lloyd.

On our list only Stringer has any sort of form that suggests he could bag similar numbers. McKernan, Stewart, Brown et al will never be better than 25-30 goal a year forwards at best.


I tend to agree with Brasha, my reasoning being we focus on him too much. I said it up-thread yesterday, we need to treat him like just another bum in the forward line otherwise we are too predictable.

Not saying I didn’t want Joey in the team yesterday though, I was thinking it was worth giving him until Anzac Day in the seniors until he came good, but it was at the expense of expected team performance.

Not saying he’s not a potential match-winner, because he has been. But based on what he showed early last year and how the team performed without him afterwards, yes we are better off without him.

Of course, 2017 Joey was great, but it’s unlikely he was going to return to that this year (it’s rare for anyone to be AA and back it up, and Joey wasn’t looking fit before this injury).

Sure, anyone in AA form is best 22, but Joey wasn’t.


Agree the most ridiculous comment I’ve seen for a long while.


This is how I imagine those reports would go: