#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


I misread that as Big Cox, and thought, hang on, according to the Grog Squad Joey is already enormous.


I personally find it disgusting that our players aren’t running around the jungle WITH truck tyres. Talk about taking the soft approach


On a good day, yes he is, but his good days are when he gets a couple of big marks, and his confidence soars. His average days are worse than Brown’s by a long way. Cox, I’m not sure what an average day for him looks like.
Brown presents, attacks the footy, makes the defender struggle to keep him from marking the ball. And he goes back and kicks a goal most times he gets a set shot.
Joe is easily kept out of a marking contest, a little body on body and he is done. If he doesn’t jump over people and take spectacular marks, he doesn’t have good days. I want him to have good days where he presents and leads, contests and holds his ground, gets a few frees because he plays strongly from the front and makes the defender infringe to beat him. Give me Brown’s average day against Joey’s average day.


Joe shouldn’t be brought back till he’s 100% fit. However long it takes. We can wait for the best.


Injuries will happen and no one is going to get it perfect. They do happen in all sports the world over. And there are factors that contribute towards injuries that are out of our medical/high performance departments’ hands, that ensure this will remain the case.

But there are also many factors that are in their control, that also influence injuries. Such as training loads, and the specific adaptations that their training modalities produce. I don’t need you personally to agree with me, as I have scientific research on my side.

I think however, you misread my point. I was not bagging Crow, as others are and nowhere did I blame him personally for anything. I personally think he is doing a good job, and the best we’ve had at EFC in decades. I’m merely pointing out that your assertion that injuries have nothing to do with him, is equally as head in the sand as those pointing out it’s all his fault. The truth lies in the middle. Injuries will happen, if we have less than the rest of the comp, then he and his team are most likely doing a good job.


Fair enough.
I disagree with that too, but we may as well let it rest here.


That’s fine, I’ll just hang on the side of science on this one.
EFC has had 1 ACL in 7 years, when the competition average is 1 per side per year. Do you think that is blind luck? Some luck maybe, but Crow and his team definitely have an influence on that just as they have influence on some of the bad.


Listen man - you want a fight? You’re not getting a JBomber missive from me. Quote your science. You’re still talking ■■■■ to me, ok?


I’m not sure why you’re so worked up, my apologies to you. I thought we were having a simple discussion. Happy to leave it there.

If you actually want to read some research on it, PM me and I’ll send you whatever you’d like.


Will Joe get back to 2017 levels?




Was 2017 also when Hooker was played forward?


Not get your hopes up?


Don’t bother, deckham doesn’t believe in numbers of any type.


If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you once!




Nick has clearly been living under a rock and never heard of the Windy Hill Flu.

We have upgraded now and are running with the Tullamarine Calf.


Dan Richardson’s comments different to what JD said anyway, which was he felt it was tight after training. And waited overnight to see if better and wasn’t so they got a scan.

Was nothing about being kicked.

I’m not sure DR did a great job in his presser!


Found it interesting last week when Lyon quizzed Heppell on Joe’s commitment to football.
Something along the lines of whether playing AFL was his soul focus.


Wouldn’t surprise me the club has a habit of telling porkies when it comes to injuries if Joes OP flared up then just say it.