#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


Riewoldt has an axe to grind with Joey. And he’s never known a calf injury to take six weeks? Give me a break. First of all they said 4-6 weeks and second of all why didn’t he mention Hooker, or Wingard who will probably be over 6 weeks by the time he comes back from a calf?


I reckon your a bit naive if you think Joe has a calf issue


Yep. Can’t ignore how much it helped Joe have the season he had


It’s definitely suss but you would think that if they were going to make up an injury they wouldn’t be stupid enough to say calf to a 25 year old. They would go with hammy or something


It’s tinfoil time.


Essendon sucks at self reporting


That’s just crazy-talk!


I know right? These conspiracy theories are wearing thin. Like the club would have any hesitation to say his OP pulled up sore after the JLT.


I didn’t see what he said, but did it go like this:

"I’m very disappointed - shocked is probably the best word. I believe I followed processes, we put in place the right sort of processes.

‘‘My understanding is I worked within the framework given to me by the Crow and Woosha
‘‘I’m shocked to be sitting here.’’


It is prime membership selling time so they dont want any bad news out there. However, he may just have a calf injury. I hope so.


It is very much plausible that his groins have pulled up sore, and most likely the case. They are not going to say this though after his management last year. WTF is expected when you get told a bloke who’s calf was “kicked” will miss 4-6. The story has changed a little since that was said, which generally means, its not true.

You know as well as I do, club’s lie about injuries, lots of things. All of them do. It’s not a shot at the club and me being a gloomer, its more than likely the case.


But they’ve been saying all pre-season that once he starts playing in match sim, JLT etc, he might very well pull up sore and have to be rested again. They’ve put it out there as a very real possibility over the last few months. Why would they then go and make up a different injury?


Did any of the tin foil hat brigade actually listen to Joey’s press conference?
If they did, and still claim a club conspiracy, surely they are also nominating Joey for a Gold Logie anda successful career in acting post footy.

He spun such a believable story it must’ve fake


Career in acting you say?



I hope that when he comes back he has used the time to study his game and work on his deficiencies.

Too often he is trying to take mark of the year and either dives forward because he flies too early or gives away a free kick.

He needs to use his height and jump to sometimes just half a contest that is 1 v 2 against us. It just seems like that it’s either doing the spectacular or allowing the defender to take an easy mark.

If he sticks to the basics whilst using his strengths I feel like it’ll benefit the team as a whole more


So he’d be starring in… Home and Away


It feels like lately whenever the club says anything, especially about injuries, it’s a competition on here to come up with the best reason why it’s a conspiracy.
It’s just a joke


Or a remake of ‘Reach For The Sky’ if indeed his leg has fallen off.
Is Heather Mills available for method acting tuition?


Badly strained or slightly torn calf? Most definitely 4-6 weeks. Have done one myself. .

As for a kick to the calf? That was what was initially reported just hours after training. I honestly feel that is what JD felt happened to him when he came off the track - until a proper assessment was done (scan etc.). A bit like when your achilles goes - it does feel like you’ve been kicked, and maybe Joe was in a drill at the time close to other teammates and thought he was kicked. But a kicked calf is a ‘corked calf’ and would miss 7-10 days max. after the injury.


I think we are more likely to win round 1 without an underdone Joe.

I think we are less likely to get to finals without Joe.

The difference is we need Joe up and running, which will take a few games. We will need to take a hit at some point to get him up to speed. Once he’s back in form, our chances of winning increase.