#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


Not funny for those who
Have a disability


Never heard it called that. “Ball up” perhaps.


Oh. My. Good. God !

Political correctness gone mad.

FYI — you don’t have to have a (permanent) disability to use a wheelchair.


I do agree that in general terms the umpire is known to ball up at the beginning of the game, but he actually bounces the ball down (at present at least), and I was making a meaningless response to “kick off”.


The joke had nothing to do with anybody with a disability. It was about Joes groin being ■■■■■■. You’re the one making the wheelchair/disability link. You realise wheelchairs aren’t just for people with disability’s right? I’m always very sensitive to how these things might be interpreted but you’re just being an idiot.


Upon reflection it is understood your comment was meant to be tongue in cheek and not intended to offend, However the knee jerk response was because I know people who are wheelchair bound who do not appreciate “wheelchair jokes”. In hindsight yes agree it was an overreaction given the context- comment withdrawn.


Thanks mate. Sorry i only got angry because i wouldn’t make a joke like you implied. All good.


Some truth in that :smiley:


I owe an apology here. I’ve been a big fan of Joey but I did think he was the source of confusion/congestion in our forward structure. Think I debated it with a few posters as well.

Clearly I was wrong, as we were equally (if not more) woeful than we were at the start of last year.


i was in a wheelchair for half of 2014, i attended a game at the g. jobe was sent off with the blood rule, some opposition pelican yells out “do you want a wheelchair watson, ya sook?” i replied with a “it’s ok, he can borrow mine”. got a good laugh form those surrounding and the oppo supporter felt like a bit of a clown.



How many week joe daniher return?


Has he had a further set back? Still 3-4 weeks away


That’s about right. It was listed as a 6-week calf injury initially…


4 weeks until the next presser


This poor bloke is Gumbleton Mark V.


Joey should be OK for the finals in 2021


No he hasn’t. You’re reading an injury report compiled by a bloke who hasn’t even so much as spoken to the injured player, let alone actually assessed him.
It’s ■■■■■■■ garbage. Crow said available in 2 weeks.


People have to stop reading those media injury reports as anything but fiction.
Not just Joey- Matt Day is listed as 2 weeks away, but hopefully plays this weekend
No mention of Zerk, even though he’s actually injured.
It’s the work experience kid filling column space.


No it’s worse. It’s the self appointed AFL injury expert Doc Larkins making assessments on injured players with literally no idea of the actual severity of the injuries or progression of rehab. They are terrible.


Maybe between us we can resolve this.
It’s the work experience kid shadowing Larkins who writes the copy.
Larkins is too busy pontificating on other media outlets to actually fill in a grid pro forma himself