#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


Thanks for the clarification. I honestly thought the AFL website just did a consolidated list based on each clubs medical reports. Didn’t know that they actually did their own assessments!


Didn’t realise myself until I read on the website yesterday. It’s standard AFL Media dross.


Not even close.

Joey has been very durable. From 2014 onwards he has put together full seasons. Last year was his first major set back.

Gumby was just a frustrating succession of major setbacks after major setbacks - missed two whole seasons in a row, then another after his only decent run.


oh oh do it for Myers and Laverde with the funny faces!


It says Callum Twomey reports our injuries. I always thought he was pretty good with Essendon stuff?


He clearly hasn’t bothered to ask the club doc or high performance coach…


He writes the little paragraph underneath the table, I don’t know whether he actually fills the table or not.


Maybe he did ask. Given the rabble that is Essendon, it’s possible that no-one at Essendon knows what’s going on.


There was no mention either way of Stewart.
Are you saying the club has misplaced him?


Is it stupid to suggest that he needs 2-3 games in the 2s? Been basically 12 months since his last AFL game. Played the JLT games but looked injured in those too


nup - not stupid.


A fit Daniher would have kicked 10 last night.


What’s this about?


It’s about Essendon defending him having a few froffies on Saturday night


its called clickbait. he has been known to have a beer after a game too.


News at 11: Daniher is a Daniher.


Finally! I didn’t think we were going to defend all year.




I hope they play him for 3/4 in the VFL easter weekend with a mind to play him anzac day or the week after

Do NOT fk this up


Straight in vs North!!

But yes agreed he should have managed minutes in VFL first. Irrespective of whatever mini preseason they may be putting him through.