#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


He’s back.



He actually bought and carried my pint to me at the yarra a couple years ago MID SEASON



What beer was he drinking?





Not stupid at all. He hasn’t played a proper game in about 12 months. He should play at least 1 game in the VFL before he comes back in


There goes our cafe culture! We’ve worked on that for years.


Put him in against North. Richmond did it with Lynch with less of a pre-season and no match sim. Then Hooker can go back and hold Brown by the scruff of his neck.


Heavy forbid a football player enjoy a few quiet beers on a Saturday evening. What a nonsense story. Can’t wait to see Joe back out on the field. Let’s hope all his “Labour isn’t in Vain”.


Essendon has backed Joe Daniher’s decision to drink as he recovers from a serious calf injury

April 9, 2019 5:59pm

Essendon has defended star forward Joe Daniher’s decision to enjoy a few beers while injured on Saturday night.

The full-forward — who has not played since Round 7 last season — was seen drinking with friends at Labour in Vain in Fitzroy as he continues to recover from a significant calf problem.


Said Sam Landsberger while eating a steaming pile of ■■■■ and wondering what his life of “journalism” has come to.



I have family member wheelchair bound too. If @Lance84 was joking that’s ok to me. It was not directed against wheelchairs or all the users of them. It was at Joe’s physical demise. It was not directed at anyone else and anyone injured can use a wheelchair or crutches. If he was inferring injury and being comical then what’s the problem? Wheelchairs are for everyone that need them. Not just for people that are wheelchair bound long term. They are a great invention. We should be able to talk about wheelchairs like an item of clothing not like stigma of disability. The people in them are still people. The scope of wheelchair use is very large.


He tipped the dees by 80 points in the paper last week, must be bitter.


that’d be a Melbourne Bitter



We have reached bottom of the barrel journalism.


I don’t think we have reached the bottom just yet.


Sam was one of the first to get there. Came into journalism late so has no money to make, so needs to invent stories to try and “earn” a living.


I am outraged that a young bloke who plays football has a few quiet beers with some mates while injured.

Someone should do something about this.


Reminded me of a similar bit of news I heard on my bmx mounted radio which also had a horn,

“Dons defend Terry’s decision not to have fifth tinny at Vanders backyard trampoline christening on morning of semi final.”

Popped an angry mono when I heard that


His pint.



So Joe enjoyed a few beers. Most footballers HATE having a beer. They absolutely hate it.


A footballer hitting the grog after getting injured and/or swinging off the rafters is a story.

But Joey did neither of these - so where’s the (negative) story?