#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


Someone said on twitter that Joe took a big grab on Francis in match sim this morning and was looking good


Desperately awaiting training thread


in joe’s first game back, his goal celebration should be necking a pint. or air-necking.


I wonder if Dusty will do a ‘drinking a beer gesture’ at him when we play Richmond and get fined for it?


As long as he wasn’t caught eating chicken like Matthew Richardson that time.


Sure did! Joe completed the full session and he would play this week if it was a final (and form warranted).

Another full week of training should have him ripe to go.


If you’re going to get in papers for having a beer you might as well go the whole hog and snort something off a German bar-maids boobies.


This is the main reason Lloydie drank cruisers because no one cared.


If that worst thing they can get an Essendon player for is having a beer or four, 2 weeks out from playing, I’d say we’re in a pretty good place image-wise.


I love this bit.
Worsfold is not the best media performer around - but I like his defiant streak sometimes.


He’s a wannabe. His dad was at the dogs so he used to get info first hand. Now that he’s left there he’s had to make up complete utter crap to try be a relevant journalist.


You aren’t trying hard enough of you can only come up with one reason not to tune into triple m


Yep. They’re told not to drink - same when paddy did his. Me on the other hand delayed my rehab by a week or two because of two weekend benders


get on board our social media support campaign for joey,


i don’t have da socialz any more, so someone else can start it…


He’s all about empowering the players with decision making :joy:

He is either totally boring or just has an extremely dry sense of humour.


Is this site a subsidiary of the onion or some such?


Yeah, terrible thing


I can put up with the rest but Brown is a disgrace.


Great news

Back against North, cobwebs blown out and ready to roll for Anzac Day!