#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


You’re not wrong. VB? Get the fug outta here…


needs more NOBLE BOY


It was only a light beer anyway. Gee…


I’m guessing he was drinking with a friend/s.
If he’d sat down to have a quiet one on his own a la Steve Smith all hell would have broken loose by now.


According to my parents, Daniher was also at the Comedy Festival on Saturday night so this story may still have legs… they couldn’t confirm or deny if he was involved in any awkward audience participation though…


No sightings of JOEDAN up here yet.


Do you have beer up there?


I’ve found out what brand of beer he was drinking.

50 likes and I’ll reveal all!!!


Sure do Fairy! Plenty left up here for JOEDAN.


Well it’s not like he went on a winery tour a day before an interstate game … like some players did last year


Herald Sun headline “after DISGRACING himself in a PUBLIC HOUSE last Saturday, Joe Daniher STAYED OUT LATE ON WEDNESDAY (after training to do extra kicking)


What should I make of this?





I’m happy for Joe to rock up to the game blind as long as he preforms (or would that make it a PED ?)

One thing I want to see less of however is his seemingly easy going demeanour on the field, would love to see him laying big bumps rather then butt slapping and joking with opponents.


Would they bring JD in for the North game and basically have him play 3 games in 16 or so days after this much time out of the seniors?


especially given playing too many games in a short space aggravated his OP last year.


It looks as though from Woosha’s comments he was unsure if they were going to bring him in versus North or give managed minutes in VFL

Given everything that’s gone on you’d expect they have no choice but to take conservative option

And then that means pending how he goes his first game back might be Anzac Day


If Joe comes back next week then it makes sense to have Hooker playing back this week.

Hooker and Joe will be effectively playing the same role otherwise.

Not sure how we get it done with Brown and Clarke this week though.


Does Brisbane have a gun backman? name escapes me

If so, Hooker might have to play a week forward?


Harris Andrews