#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


Thats the one.

I seem to recall he was a legit talent.

they seem to be putting together a serious list up there…


I think they will look to settle the side as fast as possible and try to dig us out of this early predicament.


I will be spewing if JoeDan plays VFL.

If he isn’t good to go against North then work him on the track.

You don’t race Winx at the Ballarat Plate.


Andrews is a gun! But…

Jake Carlisle doesn’t agree.


He was stumbling around the bar singing:

Don’t take me home,
Please don’t take me home,
I just don’t wanna go to work,
I wanna stay here and drink all the beer, Please don’t, Please don’t take me home.


His sock, HIS SOCK


You mean - Leadership Group wannabe’s?


Yeah, Joe is kinda like Winx, if 100 metres from the finish post Winx turned around and ran the other way

Also - no moustache


Yep. People keep using that type of analogy and I just don’t understand it at all.

Unless we are desperate, then Joe should come back through the VFL like the other boys are. We sure can’t give him 50% game time in the AFL.


Having a VFL bye this weekend, is likely to play havoc with a number of players. Anyone who gets ‘omitted’ won’t play a game until Easter weekend.


Homer just texted me and said journos confused as Joe just banked a deer.


Nah don’t take the Joe out of Joey, 2017 Joey was an animal and he had a smile while doing it.


Joe at peak fitness would probably play 90% game time, Him on managed minutes would be 80% like other key forwards around the league.

If they play him they believe he will perform at the appropriate intensity.


With your group 1 racehorses you control their environment 100% until they are competing for the real thing.

Daniher, Zerret, Shiel, Fantasia. Those types are your group 1’s and you never ever play them in a competitive match unless it’s for real prize.

Perfect example is Nic Natanui. West Coast will just progressively build his training load until he can play restricted, but effective minutes in the real game.

Hell, even Hooker won’t play VFL.


No idea what the fuss is all about. Saw Joe, Hepps and Myers out having a beer in Thornbury in the period between JLT and Round 1.

Prob had 1 beer each (maybe 2 tops) with a group of mates, left early. Can’t see how that’s an issue at all. Madness.


So that’s why we played so poorly.

Players these days clearly need to drink more, quantity & frequency, so a single beer doesn’t affect them so drastically.


What’s their preferred location?

Seen JD up around Wesley Anne.


According to Dylan Shiel, Joe is up and about. Took a “massive hanger” at training using Hurls as a stepladder?.

I need any cause for optimism.


JoeDan could be a handy fill in whilst McKernan is injured.


Given most clubs have a no alcohol while rehabbing policy. I guess he isn’t doing rehab and can do what he wants? As long as he dosen’t go all Harley Bennell who cares?