#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


So Joey is still a little bit away from returning to seniors then?


I think he’s set for Good, Bad or Indifferent Friday.


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Kate Salemme

Essendon spearhead Joe Daniher needs to complete a solid block of training before returning from a calf injury.

Daniher is back in full training after recovering from the injury that has delayed his start to the season but is not yet fit enough to play matches.

It comes just days after the Bombers defended the star forward after he was spotted drinking beers with friends while recovering.

“Joe is back in full training, which is great, and has been for about a week or so,” Essendon football boss Dan Richardson said.

"He seems to have fully recovered from the calf injury, it’s really more a training and conditioning issue.

“Over the next few weeks we’ll build his training up and hopefully see him not too far away.”

The Bombers have made four changes for tomorrow’s clash against the Lions at the MCG and pulled a selection surprise by dropping Aaron Francis.

A former No.6 draft pick and emerging intercept defender, Francis is well-liked among Essendon fans who raised eyebrows at his omission.

Swingman Cale Hooker is his direct replacement after recovering from a calf injury.

“Obviously Cale (Hooker) was available for selection and it’s very difficult to leave an All-Australian player out,” Richardson told SEN.

"Brisbane have got a reasonably tall line-up, particularly forward, so we thought there was some good match-ups there for Cale.

“It’s a balance between team balance and what we think is the best line-up to take on Brisbane this week.”

Francis has the ability to also play as a forward and with Daniher and Shaun McKernan (hamstring) both injured, there was some suggestion the 21-year-old could be used in attack.

Richardson said that option was considered.

“Some discussion at match committee did take place on it,” he said.

"I think Cale coming into the side, he gives you that option as well to play forward or back.

“Aaron hasn’t trained at all as a forward over summer, so we’ve decided the way we’ve gone is a better option.”


Play Joe in the VFL and build his fitness progressively like we do with most recovering players, it will also help build his touch and his match awareness


I doth protest most robustly at this preposterous suggestion.


not rushing this, which makes sense


Seems to directly contradict what Crow said just the other day though.

He said he would be ready for Good Friday.

But hey I’m sure the clubs got a fantastic reason for that too.


Still a chance. I’ve got my fingers crossed.


I would like to think Crow knows more about Joe’s injury than Dan Richardson but it’s concerning that we are having two different messages coming from the club.

To avoid disappointment I will assume he’s coming back some time this year. Hopefully.


Most surprised we’ve diverged from the more traditional ‘“how many” beers Joe Daniher drink’ title format.


I don’t think we do that with any best 18 players, do we?


explains Langford…

(Mike, baby, I’m winding you up)


After the bye fo shiz


:wink: :wink: :wink:



Redman and Gleeson, arguably Begley.

I hope we would for any player that has had recurring injuries which have kept them out of the side for around 12 months. The only reason to risk re-injury or poor form would be if we were completely desperate, even then I’d hope the players health took priority.


I wouldn’t count those three as certainties yet. Gleeson closest, but a lot of time has gone by.


It all makes sense now.


Had it today on tap. Not a bad drop!


Taste like the last time this club was relevant I’m guessing.