#6 Joe Daniher - drank a beer


WTF. It’s that ■■■■■■ Kolsch AGAIN. Who drinks Kolsch, no one drinks Kolsch?!


Red wine would have been more in character


This is the second time Essendon has canned Sheedy.


Seems the club are conditioning us now so we don’t get let down when he isn’t picked next week.


Full strength, not a light ale.


So how good will our forward line be with a fit Joey in it.


Don’t want him back, everthing is functioning well at the moment, leave clarke and bellchambes in dont change naything


Donnington pls

(yeah yeah, know I know)


Did you lose $500 today?


f off


That’s a yes from me


When does the VFL team play next week?

If Joey played VFL, would he have enough time to recover and play Anzac Day?


I just caught up with Woosha.

He said that Daniher is fit but won’t be selected because we don’t have a match up for him.

Take that as you will.


VFL on Saturday, so only a five day break.


Ummm…why are we trying to find matchups for our forwards?


Haha. That question is exceptionally relevant. Why would we have match ups for fwds exactly.


Why the fark would we worry about match ups for a guy like Aaron Francis?

Both equally as preposterous.


Hope he had a few celebratory drinks with the lads after yesterday’s win. :beers:


Good. I believe he should come back through the two’s to ensure he is absolutely right to play in the ones and can absorb the heavy knocks.


He’ll understandably be pretty preoccupied for most of this week, will likely be spending a bit of time up in Ungarie with family morning his Grandfather.

Hopefully he’ll be good to go for ANZAC Day or the game after.


I just caught up with Woosha too.

He said that Daniher is fit and will be selected because the roos don’t have a match up for him.

Take that as you will.